Crochet Challenge: 2 more!

I had a local lady request a black/grey peaked cap earlier this month, but with no follow up custom order I waited until I had a free moment to make one up.  I figured I could use it for the challenge and if it didn’t sell to that lady it could still go into the shop {or into my personal toque rotation! Sidenote- I apparently wear so many different toques that my husband has lost track if I make a new one. 🙂 }

blog2015.01.31 ph01

I used some vintage Canada army buttons made with black plastic.

blog2015.01.31 ph02This hat I made just to see what the recycled sari silk yarn would look like in a Peaked Cap {pattern here}.  The lovely jewel tones are set off by the black acrylic yarn.  I used two different vintage buttons that are pretty big, 1.25 inches in diameter.  I think they’re cellulite, but I’m not sure.

blog2015.01.31 ph03

blog2015.01.31 ph04

This one I am not certain if I will list or keep.  It’s unique that’s for sure.

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