February Makes

February Makes! I finished a lot of Doctor Who themed items & a couple of orders. 🙂

Dr.Seuss Theme Krampus Hat

An epic order! I love the vintage yarn I used on the horns. I only have enough left to maybe do another set of horns. 😦

Ravelry // Etsy 

Tardis Toque & Tardis Pillow!!

I wrote up my own pattern for a Tardis Hat. Pillow is another designers pattern. Super cute though.

Toque Ravelry // Etsy

Pillow Ravelry // Etsy

Heart Eyes Emoji Keychain

I made these for my family. Made with soft velvety yarn. 🙂 ❤ A Valentine’s present.

Ravelry // Etsy

Several Hats!!

I made several hats with beautiful yarn & beautiful acrylic gems!  These were fun to make.  Made with my own simple hat pattern. 🙂

Ravelry // Etsy

13th Doctor Who Scarf

This took a while, as it’s all single crochet. The bright colours are so wonderful.  I ❤ the new Doctor! I also like the dynamics of the new companions as well.

Ravelry // Etsy {coming soon}



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I Spy Crochet: This is Us – The Waiting Room

Episode Season 3 Episode 15 The Waiting Room

A tear jerker as usual, there’s a reason I call it My Crying Show. Right at the end is a crochet spotlight!!

An RBG doll made by Tobey Time Crochet!!! Here’s her blog post about it!! 😀 Congrats. Every crocheters dream! 😀 😀

So awesome!!!

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January Makes

2019’s Challenge is to make 365 crochet items! {I’m fudging a little as counting individual patterns as an item.. like Bonnie’s Bowtie and Bonnie are 2 projects since I used 2 different patterns. 😉 } So we’ll see how I do. Wish me luck!!  Follow the Ravelry link to find the designer & where you can get the patterns for these great Makes under each photo!! Follow the Etsy link to purchase one handmade by me!!

This month was a bit of a Doctor Who fest!!

Hailey Heart Cut Out Hat

listed HAT Hailey Heart Beanie 01 e

Ravelry // Etsy

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I Spy Fire King: Miracle Workers

Miracle Workers, new TV show starring Daniel Radcliffe is hilarious & sweet.

But today we’re talking about Craig’s & Eliza’s mugs!

They’re Fire-King!

I SPY MiracleWorkersS01E01 c

Craig {Daniel Radcliffe} uses a simple green one, & Eliza ends up using the red/orange diamond textured one. Although, Eliza’s starts out as a pen holder at the unused computer station.

I SPY MiracleWorkersS01E01 e

I SPY MiracleWorkersS01E01 b

I love the details in this show so far… the office furniture and tech are so OLD! The buttons & keyboards make that delightful click click noises.  The mugs fit in perfectly.

I SPY MiracleWorkersS01E01 a

If you had a hard time finding them in the first photo – here – I’ve circled them for you. 🙂

I SPY MiracleWorkersS01E01 da

You can find them on etsy & ebay fairly easily, however the mugs will likely cost you $20-40 each. wow!

I own the orange one, & it’s super great to drink hot beverages from. The texture is wonderful to hold. I ❤ mine.


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Tardis Toque Pattern!

YAY!! My pattern is now available!!

The Tardis Toque, which is somewhere between a slouch & a beanie is now available in Ravelry shop!!

Congrats to Sherri Evans Robinson for winning my Tardis Hat & Mini Pillow Giveaway!!

Thank you to all who entered. 🙂

Let’s have a New Pattern sale in my Ravelry shop!!

BOGO – add 2 patterns into your cart to get 50% off. No Code Needed!!

Starts now and ends end of day Friday February 22 2019

HAT Tardis Toque 01 d

HAT Tardis Toque 01 g




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