Octopus Hat Ta Da!

This is an amazing hat!

I had a request for this style of hat, & found the free pattern by Abnormal Crocheter.  I found the pattern not exactly well written and the hat was frustrating to make.  I also didn’t have the “right” yarn to make the project awesome.  Enter in Red Heart’s Ombre yarn in violet. Winner winner chicken dinner!!

HAT Octopus Hat Purple lime b

I purchased a different octopus hat pattern from The Twisted Hatter, and while expensive turned out to be the better pattern by far.

I really like how the lime contrasts with the purples!

HAT Octopus Hat Purple lime a

What do you think?

Buy one for yourself or see my project page.

Etsy :: Ravelry

HAT Octopus Hat Purple lime c


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Gay Straight Alliance Toques!!

My teen has taken a big step & created a Gay Straight Alliance in their high school!  It’s been an interesting but rewarding experience.  They have a small club, & are working towards creating an atmosphere of acceptance and allies in the high school.

Towards that end I thought I would design some hats in the theme of the Pride Flags!

My teen wears their Gender Fluid Slouch often, so I am pretty happy about that. 🙂

I have the hats listed in my Etsy shop, & the patterns in Ravelry for you to buy and create your own.  Available as an e-book or individual patterns.


Individual Patterns

 Or buy finished hats in my Etsy Shop!


HAT GSA  Straight Ally a

HAT GSA  Transgender a

HAT GSA  Gender Fluid b

GSA Gay Pride Slouch a

GSA Gender Queer Pride Beanie a

Please enjoy! I’d love to see your finished Makes on my Facebook page!!


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March’s Makes

Emerald Earrings



Mr. Meeseeks Doll

DOLL MrMeeseeks 2c

Ravelry :: Etsy

Pastel Hearts

GSA Heart Keychain pastel rainbow b

Ravelry :: Etsy

Black and Grey Eddie Toque

RTS HAT Eddie grey and black c

Ravelry :: Etsy

Pug Keychains

Ravelry :: Etsy

Rambler Mitts



RTS MITTS Rambler Peacock 1a

Ravelry :: Etsy

Krampus Horns Headband in Rainbow!

HAT EARWARMER Krampus horns custom d


Skull Earrings



Nevron Hat



Yamilet Hat

Ravelry :: Etsy

Mushroom Krampus Horns

Ravelry :: Etsy

Shawron Shawl



Ravelry :: Etsy

Rainbow Headband

RTS HEADBAND Rainbow button 1 b


Diamond Headband

RTS HEADBAND Diamond rainbow1 d

Ravelry :: Etsy

Pennywise Amigurumi


Ravelry :: Etsy

Bag of Dicks!


Ravelry :: Etsy


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We have a pair of squirrels living nearby.

This wee squirrel is making Scout crazy. #saskatchewan #wildlife #squirrel

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They snack at the bird feeders, & I give them some hazelnuts I collected a couple of years ago.

I can't get mad at this cutie. #squirrel #wildlife #saskatchewan

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All the animals find them interesting. Especially Scout!! Here is Silverstone-bebe-kitten looking at the cutie squirrel eating hazelnuts.


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Grenade Amigurumi

I got a custom order for crocheted grenades! They wanted them to be close to a real grenade used by the Canadian Armed Forces. I found a pattern that worked fairly well. I didn’t have a real grenade to compare closely to, so the crocheted version is a bit bigger than what they should be.  I think I would have to drop a round of increasing & keep the same hook size, or drop down to a 3mm or 2.5mm hook & work up the pattern as written.

The customer is happy & likely going to order more. There must be fun to be had throwing a “grenade” at a co-worker on base. Hahaha??

Ravelry :: Etsy

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