WIP Wednesday

I’ve been super busy lately, so I kinda dropped the ball on this blog. Want a peek?

I’ve got a couple of orders on the go. I’ve been asked to make some brain props for a Cthulhu LARP being held at a local LARP convention. I used a purchased pattern, but the brain ended up being baby sized. So I’ve written an adult sized brain pattern. It’s looking good so far.

A customer ordered a black with maroon hooded capelet like the grey one I made. It’s coming along beautifully.

I’m working on stock for the Saskatoon Entertainment Expo coming up in September. Lando’s on the go.

More crocodile stitch pouches for the shop, a Forest Girl Beret in cute variegated yarn, a baby overalls pattern that is about a year to late, but I still wanted to make it.

And lastly – I hope to finish my Lotus Moon Blanket I started back in 2016.


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April Makes

I got a bit done in April.  Not as much as I would have liked of course. I had several orders, which is awesome. Including an epic Crown done in pink & an Octopus Hat is purple and green.

Neon Unicorn Amigurumi x 2

AMIGURUMI Unicorn 2a

DOLL Neon Unicorn 1b

Etsy :: Ravelry

Gender Queer hat in greens

RTS HAT GQueer in greens b

Etsy :: Ravelry

Transgender pride hat in blues

RTS HAT Transgender in blues b

Etsy :: Ravelry

gay pride hat in pinks

RTS HAT Gay in pinks a

Etsy :: Ravelry

Gender Fluid Hat in red and white

RTS HAT GFluid in redwhite a

Etsy :: Ravelry

Brenda Hat

RTS Brenda Hat greena

Etsy :: Ravelry

Forest Girl Beret in Dusty Pink

HAT Forest Girl Beret pink01b

Etsy :: Ravelry

Octopus tencatle hat

Etsy :: Ravelry

grenade x 10

Etsy :: Ravelry

Carol Hat

HAT Carol Hat 1b

Etsy :: Ravelry

brown stripey hat with scrap pompom

HAT Anita Toque Brown Stripe Scrappy PP1 a

Etsy :: Ravelry

Cthulhu Dice Bag

Etsy :: Ravelry

Bag of Dicks!

AMIGURUMI Bag of Dicks 06a

Etsy :: Ravelry

Crown Hat in Pink

HAT Crown 01cc

Etsy :: Ravelry


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Octopus Hat Ta Da!

This is an amazing hat!

I had a request for this style of hat, & found the free pattern by Abnormal Crocheter.  I found the pattern not exactly well written and the hat was frustrating to make.  I also didn’t have the “right” yarn to make the project awesome.  Enter in Red Heart’s Ombre yarn in violet. Winner winner chicken dinner!!

HAT Octopus Hat Purple lime b

I purchased a different octopus hat pattern from The Twisted Hatter, and while expensive turned out to be the better pattern by far.

I really like how the lime contrasts with the purples!

HAT Octopus Hat Purple lime a

What do you think?

Buy one for yourself or see my project page.

Etsy :: Ravelry

HAT Octopus Hat Purple lime c


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Gay Straight Alliance Toques!!

My teen has taken a big step & created a Gay Straight Alliance in their high school!  It’s been an interesting but rewarding experience.  They have a small club, & are working towards creating an atmosphere of acceptance and allies in the high school.

Towards that end I thought I would design some hats in the theme of the Pride Flags!

My teen wears their Gender Fluid Slouch often, so I am pretty happy about that. 🙂

I have the hats listed in my Etsy shop, & the patterns in Ravelry for you to buy and create your own.  Available as an e-book or individual patterns.


Individual Patterns

 Or buy finished hats in my Etsy Shop!


HAT GSA  Straight Ally a

HAT GSA  Transgender a

HAT GSA  Gender Fluid b

GSA Gay Pride Slouch a

GSA Gender Queer Pride Beanie a

Please enjoy! I’d love to see your finished Makes on my Facebook page!!


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March’s Makes

Emerald Earrings



Mr. Meeseeks Doll

DOLL MrMeeseeks 2c

Ravelry :: Etsy

Pastel Hearts

GSA Heart Keychain pastel rainbow b

Ravelry :: Etsy

Black and Grey Eddie Toque

RTS HAT Eddie grey and black c

Ravelry :: Etsy

Pug Keychains

Ravelry :: Etsy

Rambler Mitts



RTS MITTS Rambler Peacock 1a

Ravelry :: Etsy

Krampus Horns Headband in Rainbow!

HAT EARWARMER Krampus horns custom d


Skull Earrings



Nevron Hat



Yamilet Hat

Ravelry :: Etsy

Mushroom Krampus Horns

Ravelry :: Etsy

Shawron Shawl



Ravelry :: Etsy

Rainbow Headband

RTS HEADBAND Rainbow button 1 b


Diamond Headband

RTS HEADBAND Diamond rainbow1 d

Ravelry :: Etsy

Pennywise Amigurumi


Ravelry :: Etsy

Bag of Dicks!


Ravelry :: Etsy


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