Tardis Toque Pattern!

YAY!! My pattern is now available!!

The Tardis Toque, which is somewhere between a slouch & a beanie is now available in Ravelry shop!!

Congrats to Sherri Evans Robinson for winning my Tardis Hat & Mini Pillow Giveaway!!

Thank you to all who entered. 🙂

Let’s have a New Pattern sale in my Ravelry shop!!

BOGO – add 2 patterns into your cart to get 50% off. No Code Needed!!

Starts now and ends end of day Friday February 22 2019

HAT Tardis Toque 01 d

HAT Tardis Toque 01 g




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I Spy Pyrex: Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects, starring Amy Adams, is set in modern day but had one scene with a ton of Pyrex!! Woohoo!!

Sharp Objects is a really good drama. Not for the faint of heart, certainly. The acting is sublime & the story is so compelling up to the very very last moment. I’m glad it won a few awards.

PYREX Sharp Objects S01E02 a

Here we can see 4 pieces of Pyrex in Episode 2!

PYREX Sharp Objects S01E02 a a

A yellow Cinderella bowl, likely a 443 Daisy Cinderella Bowl, as that size is solid yellow. I have a 441 (the smallest) from this set that is also a solid colour with no graphics.

PYREX Sharp Objects S01E02 a d

A green Cinderella Round Casserole in Spring Blossom. Pyrex Love isn’t complete with it’s reference library, so there isn’t a direct link to this dish. I think I have one in my collection!

PYREX Sharp Objects S01E02 a c

This is a weird one, it looks like white snowflakes on  turquoise in the Snowflake pattern, but on a casserole similar to a Round Cinderella Casserole #474.

PYREX Sharp Objects S01E02 a b

Here we can see an Early American Round Cinderella Casserole #474 

A pretty random collection of patterns, perhaps to represent different folks bringing food to a funeral reception? I’m happy to see Pyrex on my TV screen! woohoo!!

Also, Sharp Objects is a great mini series show. Very gripping. Well done.



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Giveaway: Tardis Slouch & Pillow

I designed a Tardis Hat pattern that I will be releasing soon! Let’s have a giveaway of my first one to celebrate!!

This giveaway is open to Canada & United States only, as I will be paying for the shipping.

I am using Rafflecopter for the giveaway, & have had no problems with this app. 🙂

Giveaway runs from February 14th until end of day February 17th 2019. Some entry options let you enter each day! w00t!

Enter often for your best chance!

Only 1 winner for both items!!


The hat fits adult or teen.  It is the first one I made of my pattern! 🙂

The tardis mini pillow is made from The Happy Hooker pattern available here. Mine is a modified version, being a 2 sided pillow rather than a tardis shaped stuffie.

Enjoy & keep an eye out on my Facebook page, Instagram, & here for when my pattern is available.


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I Spy Pyrex: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


I spotted some Pyrex bowls in Hilda’s kitchen in the Chapter Eleven: A Midwinter’s Tale.

I see 2 Cinderella bowls, which are likely the 2 solid green bowls from the Verde Cinderella set.  {this is a set that is/was on eBay that shows the 4 bowls.} For some reason it’s not an entry on Pyrex Love. :/  I’ll have to keep an eye out for the 2 white bowls with green Verde stamped design. Maybe the set designer got the whole set!  Cinderella bowls have the little handles or ears…. great for holding on one side while using the other side as a spout to pour batter into cupcake & cake baking pans or pancakes on to the griddle. I have lots of Cinderella’s, but I don’t have any from Verde.

PYREX the.chilling.adventures.of.sabrina.s01e00.a.midwinters.tale a

I also spotted this small yellow Mixing Bowl, a 401 I believe.  It could either be from the Daisy set or a Yellow set.  Super cute! I love this size of bowl & have about a dozen. However, I don’t have a yellow one… yet! 😀

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina got picked up for 4 seasons, so I’m looking forward to spying more treasures in Hilda’s kitchen. I did spy a large chicken dish that I adore. Those were made to keep boiled eggs warm on the breakfast table. I have a small rootbeer glass one. I want more, but they are a pretty penny nowadays. More than Pyrex!



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Krampus In The Hat


Look at this amazing Krampus Hat! Custom ordered, inspired by The Cat In The Hat.  Striped body of the toque in red & white. Then I did the horns & ears in black with a very nifty vintage red & white variegated yarn as the detailing.  I really love how those horns turned out. I’ll have to make a pair as a headband or something. Or just have ready to add to another krampus hat.

Pattern by Morale Fiber! Very well written. I’ve made four so far and I’ve done zero adjustments. So you know it’s a good pattern when I don’t feel the need to adjust it.

The customer won my January contest by sending in a great photo I used in my Etsy shop, so this is what he used his $50 Gift Certificate on.  I certainly hope he’s pleased!

HAT Krampus 04 e catinthehat

HAT Krampus 04 b catinthehat

HAT Krampus 04 d catinthehat

HAT Krampus 04 c catinthehat

HAT Krampus 04 f catinthehat

Order yours in my Etsy Shop!!



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