The crafts of Z-Nation

Z-Nation is a quirky, uninhibited zombie show that makes references from modern and vintage zombie genre.  It’s fun & kinda crazy.

There are some great crafts & interesting touches in the show.  Episode 10 of Season 3 had some great crafts that I spotted & had to share.


A lovely cross stitch picture with blue Lucy in the middle. 😀

blogphoto 2017.02.02 ph03

Blue Lucy with her blue skinned dolly.

blogphoto 2017.02.02 ph01

Even a finger painting of Lucy surrounded by her zombie minions.  The requisite macaroni art piece – LUCY spelled out with pasta. 😀

I loved the crafty details in this episode.  Great job set decorators!

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Ta da Tuesday

I haven’t gotten much done this past week, lots of projects half way or started though!


I finished this cute hat by Whistle & Ivy, the 8-Bit Heart Toque. It’s been claimed by my son, but I have a Made To Order listing in my shop.  Easy to make.  I really liked it. Fits regular and even large adults. It’s got a lot of slouch in it too.

8bit Heart Toque01c

8bit Heart Toque01a

I also had an order for an extra large Huntress Hooded Cowl Vest. 🙂 A lovely green.  I’ve made a separate listing in Etsy to reflect the extra costs of yarn and heavy shipping.





I wore it over a leather duster, & it was super comfortable.  I’ll probably make myself one.  If you want a Katniss Cowl Vest that fits over a coat, I suggest getting this Extra Large one.

Ta Da! 🙂


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I ❤ these hats! I ❤ that they also represent women’s rights.


I found the purrfect pattern to use as well.  It makes sweet little ears without any hassle or extra sewing.  I’ve made a few of these are are making them available in my shop.  The Ready to Ship ones are a little cheaper than the Custom Made listing as they’re ready to go.  Once they’re gone – you can order your own custom made for you.

::Pattern Notes::

The only changes I made were I added 2 extra DC to the row count, & I did the hem in a my tried-&-true SBPDC/SFPDC ribbing.  Just a note – I know it “looks” like a rectangle….. but it’s not. The ears are subtle but effective!

Buy the Pink & Black Striped one here

Pussyhat 01b

pussyhat 02a

Buy the Black one here

Pussyhat 02b

pussyhat 01a

Custom Order your own here!



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Jingle Dog Sweater Ta Da!

16113356_10209604150675549_1459778530547664937_o 16179680_10209604140235288_4021014920568186080_o

❤ Custom orders! ❤

::Pattern Notes::

  • Pattern – The Roy Hooded Dog Sweater
  • Hook – 4.50mm
  • Yarn – worsted weight. I used red, forest green, & christmas yarn – all vintage from my stash
  • many many bells! red & gold
  • yarn needle & scissors & stitch marker

I  wasn’t sure if the dog sweater would fit as I didn’t have a wee dog handy to try on during the making – so I put complete trust in the designer that it would work.  Something I don’t often do I realize.  It did fit!  I added the edging and bells. A simple scallop of {(DC,TR),PICOT,(TR,DC),SC} & sew bells on the picot.

Now to make one to match his human daddy. 😀

RoyDogSweater 01b

RoyDogSweater 01a

RoyDogSweater 01c

Ta da!

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Crocodile Mitts, number 2


Such lovely yarn, I had to make another pair for the shop. I have yet to make a pair for myself… soon.

This pair was a bit more fiddly than the first time around,  had to cut and retie the yarn to get the colours to match in the second mitt. I wasn’t thrilled about that, but the results are still fantastic.

::Pattern Notes::

crocodileMitts 02a

Available in my shop right now!

A made to order listing will follow. 🙂

crocodileMitts 02e

crocodileMitts 02d

crocodileMitts 02b

Ta Da!!

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