CrocheTrend Challenge #6 Shawron Shawl

My sixth #CrocheTrendChallenge project is the Shawron Shawl.  Quite a chunky, solid piece. It certainly isn’t lacy whatsoever.  Easy to make as well.  I used a 6 mm hook and doubled my yarn for a thick fabric.

I used about 1.5 cakes of Caron Cakes in Blueberry Kiwi, the rest I used on the tassels.  I used some silver sparkly yarn in dk weight as well. That was about 2-3 skeins, purchased in a bag as factory ends.  It adds a nice sparkle to the project. 🙂

SHAWL Shawron Shawl 1b


This a pre-tassel post, as these tassels are taking forever to make!! The pattern is available only on Etsy, and I would rate it as Piece o’Cake on Ravelry.  I’ll do another post about them when they’re done. 😀

Ravelry :: Etsy (coming soon)


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Rainbow Krampus Horns & Regular Krampus Horns Headbands!!


I had this idea to make a headband/earwarmer with the krampus horns from the Krampus Hat pattern by Morale Fiber, confirmed for me by a custom order. 🙂 My customer decided on a nifty & colourful piece using sparkly rainbowish yarn for one horn and black with sparkly yarn on the other. A mismatched piece that I’m sure will look great. I love unique & custom pieces!

HAT Headband Krampus 1b

HAT Headband Krampus 1a

HAT Headband Krampus 1c

HAT Headband Krampus 1d


For the one to list in my shop I picked my favorite shade of Red Heart yarn, Mushroom, and Caron Simply Soft in Grey Heather.  It’s the same yarn I used to make the horns in the first Krampus Hat I made.  I really love of there is a bit of blue brought out by the mushroom & grey colours.

HAT Headband Krampus 1e

As for the custom horns, I used Ice Yarns Primadonna in Glitz for one horn.  I got this yarn from Europe, it was reasonably priced, but the shipping cost me a bit more than the yarn itself.  I really like Ice Yarns, and would order again, as it’s interesting & there isn’t yarn like it available here. It’s a luxury premium thing, but super lovely.

HAT EARWARMER Krampus horns custom d

The other yarn is black with Lion Brand Scarf In A Ball. I did the headband part in back as well. I hope the customer loves it.

HAT EARWARMER Krampus horns custom a


HAT EARWARMER Krampus horns custom c

I certainly want to make more rainbow ones, ones with red accents, white with blue….. lots of ideas!!  What would be your favorite?

You can order your own now!!

Ravelry :: Ravelry :: Etsy

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Pug Amigurumi

I saw this adorable little pug amigurumi pattern & I had to make it. So super cute! Pattern is really easy to follow & free as well from Hook and Stitch Crafts!  The pattern just came out this past February, perhaps in time for the Year of the Dog?  I added a key-ring to mine & will be offering them with or without in my Etsy shop.

The second one I made is my favorite. Firstly, I used the correct light brown, rather than the medium brown I used in the first one. Secondly, I sewed the ears on like little flaps, which is way cuter than sewing the on flat or how I did, like little teddy bear ears. Thirdly, I added a curly tail!! SQUEE!! Cute overload!!

DOLL Pug 2d


DOLL Pug 1c

My first pug was made with the brown I used on the Deer Amigurumi.

DOLL Pug 2c

DOLL Pug 2b

DOLL Pug 1b

DOLL Pug 1a

DOLL Pug 2e


I used 12mm safety eyes for that big sad eye look.  I really love this little guy!!

For the tail, I designed a mod available on my Patreon page!

Ravelry :: Etsy

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CrocheTrend Challenge #5 Nevron Hat

Nevron Hat! I like this pattern very much! It’s interesting in it’s construction & final product. The cables in the front are interesting. The chevron design for the body of the toque is on trend & easy to do.

This is the fifth pattern in my personal #CrocheTrendChallenge. I’ve made this one before, but have not gotten an order for one, so hadn’t made it again. I really do like it though.  I used the same Red Heart Stripes yarn that I did in the Gita Hat. I still have a wee bit left. Perhaps I’ll find another CrocheTrend pattern to use that in.  Instead of cream I used black which gives quite a dramatic effect to the rainbow yarn.

HAT Nevron 1c

HAT Nevron 1b

HAT Nevron 1a

HAT Nevron 1e

Here’s what the different sides & the back look like.  I love this yarn by Red Heart. It’s really gorgeous & fun to work with.

HAT Nevron 1d

HAT Nevron 1g

All in all, a successful entry! 🙂 This will likely make it’s way into the shop unless my teen snags it. 🙂

I forgot to make the cup cozy! So I’ll have to get that done soon. 😀

Ravelry :: Etsy {coming soon!}


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Etsy Shop Update

What’s new in my shop?

Tribal Statement Bib Necklace

RTS Gita Hat 1a

Gita Hat

JEWELRY EARRING Crystal Rainbow 1a

Rainbow Crystal Earrings


Gears & Crystals Shoulder Dusting Earrings


JEWELRY EARRING Steampunk Pearl 1b

Gears & Pearls Shoulder Dusting Earrings


BOOKMARK Mermaid Skeleton d

Mermaid Skeleton Bookmark


BOOKMARK GOT compass c

Game of Thrones Compass Bookmark


BOOKMARK GOT dragons b

Game of Thrones Targaryen Bookmark

BOOKMARK Supernatural b

Supernatural Bookmark

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