Mermaidtail Lapghan in Wine & Peacock


Wine & Peacock Mermaidtail Lapghan

A mix of two very different colours, and it looks really great. Very on trend.  I started with the darker wine colour at the top, transitioning to peacock at the bottom.  I preplanned the row colours to be randomish. I didn’t want it to look striped.  The fin is a mix of the two colours. If I didn’t do a mix I would have done the fin in only wine.

Mermaidtail Lapghan 04c

Mermaidtail Lapghan 04b

Mermaidtail Lapghan 04a

What do you think?

::Customer review::

“I love it!! It looks absolutely amazing! I’m super excited to curl up in it. Thank you again and again for making this for me.🙂
-B :)”

Pattern available here.

Order your own here.

This project on Ravelry here {yarn amounts!}.

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#TBT visiting the ponies

Our five ponies are running free in the pasture.  They’re enjoying their freedom and getting chubby on grass and other prairie weeds.  They run and their manes and tails flow in the wind.  Ho…

Source: visiting the ponies | Sparkle & Doom Designs


Four years ago now!😦 The only ponies we still have are Relic & Sky.😦

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Congratulations Mad Man Knitting!

Congratulations on your marriage! I wish you all the best! Give his heart-laid-bare blog a visit.🙂

“Home. Couldn’t help it. I had all ideas I’d be reserved and well put together. Nope. I started bawling the minute Phillip put his pen to the paper. And I haven’t stopped.🙂 We…”

Source: Just Married | Mad Man Knitting

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SaskExpo 2016

My Expo Experience was pretty great!

Here are some photos of the very few cosplay’s I managed to have my camera ready for.

dscn4335Remember the costume I made in the spring? Here it is in person!😀


Cutest hobbit EVAR!!


oh Captain my Captain!






One of my favorites: Deanmon & Castiel


another of my favorite cosplays, probably just cuz the guy was charming and nice to talk to.🙂 Look at those dimples!



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Meeting a Disney Princess

I had a pretty great time at the Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo.  The best part was Carrie Fisher shopping at our booth.

carriefisher02Yes – the real General Leia, aka Princess Leia, aka CARRIE FISHER has her arm around ME!😀😀

It was pretty frickin’ awesome, I’m sitting behind our table, my co-vendor is out straightening things up, and I notice a woman in a periwinkle coat has come to shop. So, of course, I stand and smile and offer some offhand remark about what we are selling.  Letting my customer browse, I look past her and see a large man in a suit with ear piece and glitter on his shoulders.  “What strange cosplay character is that?” I wonder to myself. I almost shout out some question when I notice 2 other large, similarly garbed men – backs to me – blocking off my booth.  “Huh. What would they do that?” I muse. Then the lightbulb hits. Meanwhile my co-vendor has been chatting about our items to the lady in periwinkle.  The light must have came on for both of us at the same time…. “You’re Carrie Fisher!!” my co-vendor exclaims! “Yes I am. Now, do you have any Star Wars stuff?” Carrie Fisher replies.  “Ha! Do we!” And we proceed to show her almost all our items – and she buys one of each!  Selfies were had! Gushing was at a minimum as we were just so stoked to show her what we had. I’m sure she spent 10 minutes with us, several of those just as a Lady in the Periwinkle Coat.😀


Rhiannon was also quite happy to visit with Carrie Fisher.  Look at that happy happy smile.🙂


When Carrie saw this hat, my co-vendor had made it, she was asked to try it on & have photos in it. But only if she got to keep it. My co-vendor was over the moon! Of course! Carrie walked around shopping after wearing it.😀 So awesome. Rhiannon, as you can see, was working hard holding in the excitement.

Carrie also specially asked about items for Gary, her dog.  She placed an order with me, & soon I will show off what I made her… er Gary.🙂 Keep an eye on my blog!

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