May Makes

Tiny Box TimI made this little guy for my son’s birthday, who is a huge fan of Markiplier.  Fairly simple pattern. Works up to a cute size. The hands are brown, not white as in the pattern, so I when googling the face had to do new hands. ugh! I did the face with felt, sewn on with sewing thread. I’m not sure how well it will bear up under washing. Probably best to hand wash. This guy was received with joy, so job well done. 🙂

Ravelry & Etsy [coming soon]

Unicorn cuddler

RTS PILLOW unicorn 01 d

This is so super adorable!! It’s smaller than I thought it would be. Pretty much the size of your head – so good for portable nap times I suppose. I used ugly baby yarn from the 80s – the yellow+white+pink+blue. It looks awesome on this pillow! I have very little left…. which I am now sad about. Haha. Shouldn’t be hard to find more in yard sales etc.  Now I want to make ALL THE PONIES.

Ravelry & Etsy {coming soon}

Dragon Egg Dice Bags

RTS Dragon Dice Bag rainbow sparkle mermaid 01a

RTS Dragon Dice Bag black grey egyptian 01e

RTS Dragon Dice Bag 05 teal a

RTS Dragon Dice Bag  04b stained glass black crystal

RTS Dragon Dice Bag  03b purple ombre

I may have had a bit of fun with this pattern. It doesn’t take much yarn, is easy, & great for clearing my crafter palette so I can refocus on something else. Great for car trips, waiting room waits, & TV. I had fun using pretty yarn & added beads to several! Also I entered May’s contest on the Red Heart Lovers Group forum on Ravelry & won. So now Red Heart is sending me a surprise package!! EEEE!! I wonder what yarn goodies will be in it? They’ve come out with several new types of yarn & colours…… I’m pretty excited about it.

Ravelry & Etsy

A couple of Forest Girl Berets

RTS HAT Forest Girl Beret pastels 01a

RTS HAT Forest Girl Beret blu pur yel a

Yup, I love me some Red Heart Stripes!! The pastel is pretty great! I also wanted to see how this hat worked up in a short colour repeat – so I dug out some vintage yarn in the blue+purple+yellow colourway. Still cute! I ❤ this pattern!! I need to make more.

Ravelry & Etsy

A Chihuahua Amigurumi

DOLL Chihuahua 01b

Made fora friend who has a chihuahua buddy.Super cute make. I added a round of sc to make the neck. Easy enough pattern even though it was in japanese. 🙂 Good thing I’m crochet-lingual.

Ravelry & Etsy {available soon!}

A couple of adorable Butterfly amigurumi

Made for my BFF’s twins for their second birthday. I hope they love them so much. I personally love them!! I love each of them. The vintage rainbow yarn, the rainbow stripes, the expressions on each. Super cute!

Ravelry & Etsy {available soon!}

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WIP Wednesday

I’ve been super busy lately, so I kinda dropped the ball on this blog. Want a peek?

I’ve got a couple of orders on the go. I’ve been asked to make some brain props for a Cthulhu LARP being held at a local LARP convention. I used a purchased pattern, but the brain ended up being baby sized. So I’ve written an adult sized brain pattern. It’s looking good so far.

A customer ordered a black with maroon hooded capelet like the grey one I made. It’s coming along beautifully.

I’m working on stock for the Saskatoon Entertainment Expo coming up in September. Lando’s on the go.

More crocodile stitch pouches for the shop, a Forest Girl Beret in cute variegated yarn, a baby overalls pattern that is about a year to late, but I still wanted to make it.

And lastly – I hope to finish my Lotus Moon Blanket I started back in 2016.


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April Makes

I got a bit done in April.  Not as much as I would have liked of course. I had several orders, which is awesome. Including an epic Crown done in pink & an Octopus Hat is purple and green.

Neon Unicorn Amigurumi x 2

AMIGURUMI Unicorn 2a

DOLL Neon Unicorn 1b

Etsy :: Ravelry

Gender Queer hat in greens

RTS HAT GQueer in greens b

Etsy :: Ravelry

Transgender pride hat in blues

RTS HAT Transgender in blues b

Etsy :: Ravelry

gay pride hat in pinks

RTS HAT Gay in pinks a

Etsy :: Ravelry

Gender Fluid Hat in red and white

RTS HAT GFluid in redwhite a

Etsy :: Ravelry

Brenda Hat

RTS Brenda Hat greena

Etsy :: Ravelry

Forest Girl Beret in Dusty Pink

HAT Forest Girl Beret pink01b

Etsy :: Ravelry

Octopus tencatle hat

Etsy :: Ravelry

grenade x 10

Etsy :: Ravelry

Carol Hat

HAT Carol Hat 1b

Etsy :: Ravelry

brown stripey hat with scrap pompom

HAT Anita Toque Brown Stripe Scrappy PP1 a

Etsy :: Ravelry

Cthulhu Dice Bag

Etsy :: Ravelry

Bag of Dicks!

AMIGURUMI Bag of Dicks 06a

Etsy :: Ravelry

Crown Hat in Pink

HAT Crown 01cc

Etsy :: Ravelry


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Octopus Hat Ta Da!

This is an amazing hat!

I had a request for this style of hat, & found the free pattern by Abnormal Crocheter.  I found the pattern not exactly well written and the hat was frustrating to make.  I also didn’t have the “right” yarn to make the project awesome.  Enter in Red Heart’s Ombre yarn in violet. Winner winner chicken dinner!!

HAT Octopus Hat Purple lime b

I purchased a different octopus hat pattern from The Twisted Hatter, and while expensive turned out to be the better pattern by far.

I really like how the lime contrasts with the purples!

HAT Octopus Hat Purple lime a

What do you think?

Buy one for yourself or see my project page.

Etsy :: Ravelry

HAT Octopus Hat Purple lime c


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Gay Straight Alliance Toques!!

My teen has taken a big step & created a Gay Straight Alliance in their high school!  It’s been an interesting but rewarding experience.  They have a small club, & are working towards creating an atmosphere of acceptance and allies in the high school.

Towards that end I thought I would design some hats in the theme of the Pride Flags!

My teen wears their Gender Fluid Slouch often, so I am pretty happy about that. 🙂

I have the hats listed in my Etsy shop, & the patterns in Ravelry for you to buy and create your own.  Available as an e-book or individual patterns.


Individual Patterns

 Or buy finished hats in my Etsy Shop!


HAT GSA  Straight Ally a

HAT GSA  Transgender a

HAT GSA  Gender Fluid b

GSA Gay Pride Slouch a

GSA Gender Queer Pride Beanie a

Please enjoy! I’d love to see your finished Makes on my Facebook page!!


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