Jingle Dog Sweater Ta Da!

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❤ Custom orders! ❤

::Pattern Notes::

  • Pattern – The Roy Hooded Dog Sweater
  • Hook – 4.50mm
  • Yarn – worsted weight. I used red, forest green, & christmas yarn – all vintage from my stash
  • many many bells! red & gold
  • yarn needle & scissors & stitch marker

I  wasn’t sure if the dog sweater would fit as I didn’t have a wee dog handy to try on during the making – so I put complete trust in the designer that it would work.  Something I don’t often do I realize.  It did fit!  I added the edging and bells. A simple scallop of {(DC,TR),PICOT,(TR,DC),SC} & sew bells on the picot.

Now to make one to match his human daddy. 😀

RoyDogSweater 01b

RoyDogSweater 01a

RoyDogSweater 01c

Ta da!

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Crocodile Mitts, number 2


Such lovely yarn, I had to make another pair for the shop. I have yet to make a pair for myself… soon.

This pair was a bit more fiddly than the first time around,  had to cut and retie the yarn to get the colours to match in the second mitt. I wasn’t thrilled about that, but the results are still fantastic.

::Pattern Notes::

crocodileMitts 02a

Available in my shop right now!

A made to order listing will follow. 🙂

crocodileMitts 02e

crocodileMitts 02d

crocodileMitts 02b

Ta Da!!

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Beading, my old friend

Source: Time to reorganize…

Seeing this artist’s beautiful beads reminds me that I haven’t beaded in a while. To long!  I must get back to my first love, thread a thin needle, & string small glass jewels. Make something beautiful.

For beautiful inspiration, visit her website. She makes such beautiful pieces, & sells kits as well.

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Bulbasaur debut!

Got a custom order for a Bulbasaur Toque, so I wrote up the pattern!  Finally it is ready for sale on Ravelry.  The finished toque is available in my Etsy shop.


There is a lot of appliques & it was fun figuring out how to do the bulb.

I used pipecleaners on the ears so that they will stay standing up & a bit of polyfil in the bulb.

Find it in my Etsy shop & get the toque for 20% off, no coupon required.

Find it in my Ravelry shop & get the pattern for 40% off with coupon code DOOMBLOG

Bulbasaur 02b

Bulbasaur 02a

Bulbasaur 01e

Bulbasaur 01c

Bulbasaur 01b

😀 Ta Da!

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What I’ve been up to!

I’ve been up to a lot of things lately…


making a dog jingle coat,

blog.2017.01.05 ph01

made a matching baby set for my shop {available soon},

blog.2017.01.05 ph02

making a goth baby set for my shop,

blog.2017.01.05 ph03

working on an order,

blog.2017.01.05 ph04

displaying my dried goods in my inherited snap jars & making soup with Christmas leftovers

blog.2017.01.05 ph05

playing with my new yarn winder & working on my Lotus Moon Tiles afghan

blog.2017.01.05 ph06

made myself an awesome skulls beanie which is now available in my shop,

blog.2017.01.05 ph07

made my friends twins matching bonnets

blog.2017.01.05 ph09

almost made these owl mitts – but the order fell through. Perhaps I’ll make them still for the shop.

It’s been a busy December & January. 🙂

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