Behind the needle and hook

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I create jewelery from new, thrifted, and repurposed beads and random objects. I’ve also dived into designing crochet patterns, & making custom crocheted pieces! It’s been a lot of fun.  Be sure to visit my shop and see what I have!  I love beading, crochet and other hand crafts. I aim to learn a whole host of other skills such as knitting, tatting, lace-making, and advanced embroidery. I teach friends who want to learn and an after-school program for two years.

I love thrifting!
I absolutely love buying beads, yarn, old needlepoint kits, old crafting magazines, new crafting magazines, buttons, and interesting doodads! My collection is getting pretty crazy, so I am intending on creating some wonderful pieces and pass on my treasures to you.

We have been living on our farm for six years and gardening, keeping chickens, ponies, and living in the middle of Saskatchewan.  I’ve canned produce, picked wild berries, wild hazelnuts, wild herbs, explored the land, observed the wildlife, and made friends with a chickadee.  It’s been pretty awesome.

I am a farmer and stay-at-home mom, and crafter.  Selling my jewelry through Sparkle and Doom Designs is a dream come true.  It’s wonderful to DIY, and be able to sustain my family with my skills.  I hope you enjoy this blog!

kisses for Tarrasque

kisses for Tarrasque

#ponyselfie -- March 2015

#ponyselfie — March 2015

kisses for Nora -- March 2015

kisses for Nora — March 2015

Nora loves the camera!

Nora loves the camera!

Sparkle & Doom Designs

You can find me below!

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2 Responses to Behind the needle and hook

  1. Sue Zimmer says:

    Hi Anita, this is the woman also from the “hood”, that bought your earrings today. They’re so GREAT! I hope to see you again in the community! My current obsession is up-cycling and DIYing, I can’t wait to move to my new country house and test out my talents! In the meantime I’ll pin you!

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    • Thanks Sue 🙂 It as great to meet you, and I’m glad that you took the time to check out my website. Up-cycling and DIYing are awesome! I’m still a little nervous of powertools still, but I’m sure that I’ll get over it being on a farm.


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