Skull Dishcloth & Potholder Free Pattern

A friend saw a Pin of a purple & black skull dishcloth & requested I make him one.  Here is the original Pin – Thank you Amber White!  I knew that the skull pattern was Spider Mambo’s & of course I already had it in my collection. 🙂 I just has to work up the plain back and attach them. Easy!

Here’s my pattern for Skull Dishcloth & Potholder

now on Ravelry!

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Hook: 5.00mm hook

Yarn: Cotton (acrylic will melt & not wash dishes well) in two colours:

     Skulls – 1 skein {73m,80yds} You will have a bit left over from a full skein

     Back – 0.6 skein {41m,45yds} You can almost get 2 backs from one skein.

Pattern: Spider Mambo’s Creepy Skulls Squared Afghan Square

Yarn Needle & Scissors

Stitches used

  • St/sts stitch/stitches
  • TURN remove hook from loop and re-insert the opposite way
  • SS slipstitch
  • CH chain
  • SC single crochet

Step 1: Hook up your skull square making it 3 by 3 skulls.  Do only one finishing round of SC. End yarn and weave in ends.

Step 2: The Back

Row 1 – CH28, in second ch from hook SC, SC across (27sc)

Row 2 – CH1, TURN, SC across (27sc)

Row 3 – 27 – REPEAT Row 2 (27sc)

–now we will work the outside–

Round 1 – hold the skull square beneath the back, right side facing out.  You will be attaching the two sides.  Use stitch markers to attach the two sides, one at each corner, and one in the middle of each square.  CH1, TURN, SC through both layers across, CH1 at corner, SC down side, CH1 at corner, SC across, CH1 at corner, SC up side, CH1 at corner, SS to beginning sc. END yarn and weave in end.

I hope you enjoy this pattern!



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  3. Amber White says:

    ❤ Spider mambo is the best. Thanks for helping share her work. Here is the link to the original Pin from my page,


  4. mll38 says:

    Reblogged this on adornosmalulu.


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