Thrifty Thursday: delphite blue Pyrex platter

I had an excuse to go thrifting. I needed a “new” teapot! Woohoo!  So oh course while we were there I searched for Pyrex.  I found another Pyrex platter in the delphite blue pattern/colour.  So gorgeous.  Now I have two! 🙂

blog2011.05.26 photo011

The major elements of this display are thrifted finds!

I really love the pale blue colour.  I used it to “model” some new beaded necklaces, and then decided it looked good there on the mantel (where I was taking photos), so I rearrenged, and Voila!

The lamp I got at a fleamarket in Saskatoon for $3. Yup. Three.  The green bell jar cover was about $3-4, the Pyrex platter $2, and the milk jar was $2 as well. The ammonite was “new” from our trip in the summer of 2010 to Drumheller, and the dried weeds from our spring walks on the farm.

Here are some pictures of our model and the necklaces that I’ll be adding to my shop soon.

blog2011.05.26 photo005
copper-lined green seed bead netted necklace
blog2011.05.26 photo004
new rainbow button necklace, purple in the middle!
Hand-made links with thrifted wooden beads
yellow pressed glass butterfly
my favorite! blue & green netted necklace

blue netted necklace, with loops on the ends.

I'm considering displaying a necklace there full time. What do you think?

I hope your week has been as busy as mine.  We’re putting in the garden, making a rock garden, and drying out the basement.  The kids have had a few days off due to a teachers strike and long weekend, so they’ve been helping out a lot as well.

😀 oxo

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2 Responses to Thrifty Thursday: delphite blue Pyrex platter

  1. Yvonne Hill says:

    i LOVE the handmade link with wood beads necklace!!!


  2. asliceofsuzi says:

    That lamp was a good score, worth quite a bit of money I bet!


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