My birthday is coming up, and my fiance asked me what I wanted.  I’m not in the state of mind to want anything to frivolous, and I also didn’t want a new mixer (ours died) and I already got myself a tiny 2-cup coffeemaker, so I asked for chickens!

blog2011.05.30 photo006

20 lovely ladies, of the Leghorn variety

I actually only wanted about 6, maybe 8 at the most.  But we ended up with 20.  The Hutterite colony wanted to get rid of them, so we ended up going over budget.  They started laying 2 weeks ago, so we have about 2 years of productive layers ahead of us.

I checked in on the Ladies (what I’m calling them as I can’t tell them apart – yet) this morning and was gifted with 11 eggs.

blog2011.06.01 photo005blog2011.06.01 photo003

I’ll have to be careful when I visit them, as I’ve found eggs under the straw.  They haven’t figured out the nesting boxes yet.  I visited them this afternoon and found 6 more.  I wonder how many there will be tonight?  I think I will be gifting eggs and learning how to pickle them as well. 😀

I’m very happy with my present(s) and the continuing gifts I’ll be getting.

Jack-Jack loves me!

They say that allergy suffers are in for a rough summer, and I believe it.  I’ve been pretty sick this spring with allergies and minor colds/fevers.  I guess my body is going to have to get used to all the new plants that I’ll be living around, or I’m going to be miserable on the mucus-front for a long time.


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