Spotting Pyrex: Preacher

I ❤ Pyrex!

I’m super excited when I spot it in my favorite tv shows & movies.  This was a really fast pan of the bbq fixing table & the lady scooping up potato salad in the premier episode of Preacher, named Pilot. But I caught the Pyrex “Easter Egg” the first time, and had to stop & rewatch to be sure.

blog photo.January 04 2017 ph01.jpg

It’s a Colonial Mist #403 Mixing Bowl!

I have this bowl, so that’s pretty nifty.  I ❤ spotting Pyrex on shows.

The show Preacher is pretty awesome. I haven’t read the comics at all, but the show doesn’t require you too. Looking forward to season 2, & hopefully more pyrex!

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