Pennywise Amigurumi Ta Da

My son, Jake, for some odd reason, really wants to see It.  Why?  To never sleep or ever look kindly upon a clown again is my guess.

I mentioned that there was a Pennywise crochet pattern, and a chorus of Make It! Make It! was heard.

You’re welcome.

Pennywise 01cHis arms and legs are poseable for more scary positions!

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Pennywise 01a

Pennywise 01b

Pennywise 01f

Pennywise 01e

The construction is fairly straight forward, The pattern is well done.  The only changes I made was to work so that the wrongside was on the outside, add wire in the legs and arms, and to do SS with red around the mouth.

The other change is to make fake pompoms rather than crocheted balls for the front of his clown suit.  I simply made 3 circles of 6SC in orange, knotting the beginning and end tails together.  I kept the first tail super long and used that to sew all three down, using the backloop only.  For the other tails I pulled them up through the center to help with the pompom look.  I suppose you could just keep them under the circle to make it bulge a bit and make it look bigger.  Using the latchhooking hook I attached short pieces of orange yarn to the frontloop around, and trimmed when finished.

The hair is also added with the latchhooking hook, the pattern was not very specific, but it is the best method.  If you don’t have a latchhooking tool just make a lark’s head knot using a crochet hook to pull the yarn loop through the fabric.

Ta Da!



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