January’s Makes!

January was a very productive month!

Here’s what I made::

Puffalicious Cowl in this pretty cake of turquoise, grey & brown.  This is one of my favorite pieces to wear. I pin it in the back of the neck and pull the ends to the front so I have all 3 big tassels in front. ❤ it!

Pattern :: Etsy Listing

COWL Jayma steampunk 1a

Jayma Steampunk Cowl in this great teacake of rich browns that look like metallic colours. So I went with a steampunk theme and added lots of charms to the tassels. There are closeups of the tassels on my Instagram. I also love wearing this piece. The pattern was really simple as well.

Pattern :: Etsy Listing – coming soon! Request one to have it appear faster.

OTHER Bag of Dicks 3a

Bag of Dicks order! This gag gift is quite popular! People get a kick out of it. 😀 My family gets a laugh every time I make one. The label is handpainted & is the most work out of all of this project.

Pattern :: Etsy Listing

Death Star Pillow Millenium Falcon Ami c


Death Star Pillow Millenium Falcon Ami a


Death Star Pillow a

Death Star Pillow with Mini Millenium Falcon Amigurumi order, made for a friends birthday. Just the pillow was ordered, but I added the wee M.Falcon as my contribution. I made the laser into a pocket to store it. 😀 Super cute!

Pattern, Pattern :: Etsy Listing, Etsy Listing

Katniss Vest Mod Amethyst a

Katniss Vest with additional Side Panel order.  This was an interesting make, as the buyer wanted something a little more modest and not asymmetrical. I love the yarn!! I think it’s out of production though. 😥

Pattern :: Etsy Listing 

HAT Psyduck Hat c

Psyduck Newsboy Hat order, which turned out super cute. New pattern that as soon as was posted the buyer wanted me to make. I’ll be making more of these for the Expo.

Pattern :: Etsy Listing


Malissa Hat part of the self imposed CrocheTrend Challenge. Vik of CrocheTrend has stopped designing & closed down her shop. I absolutely love her patterns, so I want to show her some love by making lots of them. 🙂 I have to keep in mind her gauge is tighter than mine, so I have to go down a size in hook.

Pattern :: Etsy Listing (sample) :: Etsy Listing


GSA teaser

Gay Straight Alliance Hats, if you follow me along on Facebook or Instagram you know that my teen started a GSA Club in her small town Saskatchewan High School. It’s been … interesting. To show support I am designing a bunch of hats & will be making them for her club. I’m almost ready to reveal them!

Pattern (coming soon!) :: Etsy Listing (coming soon!)


COZY Unicorn 1 b

COZY Unicorn 1 a

Unicorn Cozy order. A customer saw this pattern & had to order it. Super cute!!!! The horn is made with goldish yarn from Red Heart!

Pattern :: Etsy Listing

HAT Twentyone Pilots Slouch a

Twenty One Pilots Slouch order, this is one of my most popular hats! My teen loves hers as well. The aliens are quite fiddly to sew on, but I’ve got my method perfected.

Pattern :: Etsy Listing

KEYCHAIN GSA Heart Gay Pride a

Gay Straight Alliance Hearts that I’ve added key chains to.  My teen FLIPPED when she saw these. I made several for a giveaway for Valentines Day next week! 😀 I added faces to those so keep an eye out for them on next months round up if I don’t blog about them before that.

Pattern :: Etsy Listing – coming soon! Request one to have it appear faster.


Mirte Hat, another CrocheTrend Challenge piece. Steampunk style!! This one is up for sale in my shop.  I really like this hat & want to make more when I have the time.

Pattern :: Etsy Listing

Krampus Hat, which is quite possibly the most epic thing I have made. Holy Moly does it take a long time, but the results are worth it. I’ve already got an order for a pink one!! Original was sold hours after listing. Custom order yours below!

Pattern :: Etsy Listing


Unicorn Horn Wand, painted at The Practical Magick & Curio Shoppe. Pretty awesome! It’s glittery too.


PET HAT mini top hat brown steampunk a

Mini Brown Top Hat, which I still have to embellish with some steampunk elements. Made as a gift for a friend & their snake. I CANNOT WAIT FOR PHOTOS!! 😀

PET HAT mini top hat black a

Mini Black Tophat, again made for a friend & their snake.  If I could figure out how to make a monocle I would. 😀 So Dapper!!

Pattern :: Etsy Listing – coming soon! Request one to have it appear faster.

HAT RTS black purple mustache button b

Black Slouch with Purple Mustache Button, made as a mistake actually. The hat was for the Twenty One Pilots Slouch order, but I made it all black and forgot to make the hem red.  I had recently gotten these cool buttons & had wanted to make a black toque for one….. serendipity I guess.

Pattern :: Etsy Listing


WHEW! What a busy month! Lots of fun. Not really anything finished for The PMC or the Expo, like I wanted. I have to get my butt in gear on those fronts. 🙂


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