Krampus Hat Tada

Morale Fiber released this hat pattern at the end of December & instantly the internet gasped! I had a customer instantly request one, so I started.

The main part of the hat is easy but quite time consuming. Each row has to be worked twice, foundation then loops. Which adds up to about 7 stitches worth of time for each stitch “space”. The resulting fabric looks perfect & is about an inch thick.  The horns are awesome, I love them a lot!

HAT Krampus flecked c

The pattern is available on Morale Fiber’s blog here, & you can purchase your own hat in my Etsy shop here.  I’ve got idea’s springing forth & hope to make a couple more soon.  Thank you so much Regina for an amazing pattern!

HAT Krampus flecked b

HAT Krampus flecked a

HAT Krampus flecked d

Ta da!


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  2. What a great project.

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