Patreon 2017!

My goals this year & for the future is to design more.  Create more.  My patterns have been well received & I’d like to make more.

I’ve decided to utilize Patreon as a vehicle to get you – my readers & those who love what I make – involved! Make you part of the action, so to speak.

Patreon is a way for you to contribute monthly to my income {even 1 dollar!} & you receive bonuses & rewards based on your level of patronage.  It’s like Kickstarter – except the rewards are ongoing as long as you are a Patron!

I’ll outline my rewards here for you – & you can decide what level of Patronage you want.

Bronze Tier -> $1 to $6 per month

  • Thank you very much! I ❤ the encouragement that you are giving me with this token. 🙂 Every Maker ❤ ‘s to have their work complimented, & that is what the Bronze Tier is about. Rather than buy me a coffee – be a Patron!
  • You have access to Patreon only posts. I’ll be posting my pattern mods on my Patreon  rather than here.
  • Vote what to make for next item drawing {drawing available to Gold Tier & above} All tiers get to vote on the Free Item that the Gold Tiers & beyond have a chance to win.
  • I’ll follow you on 1 social platform {Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook} I will also share/comment/like some of your posts! Help you with your online presence.
  • For every 10 Bronze Tier Patrons I will have a drawing for one Free Pattern from my Ravelry shop – Bronze Tier Patrons only. For every 10 of you I’ll have a drawing for a free pattern! So if there are 30 Bronze Patrons, that’s 3 pattern draws!

Silver Tier –> $7 to $14 per month

  • 20% off your purchases in my Ravelry shop! You will have a discount code {please don’t share it or I will have to rethink this reward} that gives you 20% off every pattern purchase for as long as you’re a Patron!
  • A drawing for one Free Pattern from my Ravelry shop – Includes Silver and above Patrons. Every month there will be a drawing for a pattern!
  • Vote what pattern to design next! Want me to design one thing before another – you get to decide what direction I go in!
  • I’ll follow you on 1 social platform {Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook}
  • + previous Tier rewards

Gold Tier –> $15 – $49 per month, 50 Patrons maximum

  • Pattern Tester & be credited in the pattern!  Requires you have a Ravelry account, are able to finish within a set time frame, have the skill level necessary, respect the confidential material & communicate effectively. Final pattern gifted when edits are complete & projects posted  on Ravelry. You help me in a real way – you get the untested pattern & get to make it before anyone else! Bragging is encouraged! haha
  • 15% off in my Etsy shop You get 15% off in my Etsy shop – & I make much more than crochet – jewelry, stitch markers, dreamcatchers!
  • Name a Pattern after you! Which will also be gifted to you. It’s not a star or planet – but almost as cool.
  • Crochet help! Within reason, I will be available to help you with your crochet problem. I’m an expert level crocheter, so if you need help you can ask me. However 3am texts are not appreciated! haha
  • For every 10 Gold Tier Patrons I will have a drawing for one Free Hat – includes Gold Tier Patrons and above. This is what everyone votes on – & you could win it! 50 Patrons are the maximum – so up to 5 items can be won!
  • + previous Tier rewards

Platinum Tier –> $50 – $69 per month, 3 Patrons maximum

  • Receive 1 Free pattern a month from my Ravelry shop. Automatically get one free every month you are a Patron!
  • Receive 1 Free gift a month. Within Canada Only. I will create you a gift & mail it to you! Canada only for this tier.
  • Writing and receiving letters, real letters, doesn’t happen often anymore. I will hand write you a letter, perhaps including something interesting from Saskatchewan Canada. Let’s be penpals! Real letters, who doesn’t love getting {good} mail?!
  • + previous Tier rewards

Ruby Tier –> $70, 2 Patrons Maximum

  • Receive 1 Free gift a month. Within USA Only I will make you a gift & mail it to you! USA residents/addresses only!
  • + previous Tier rewards

It may sound quite confusing – but to simplify – If you decide you want to be a pattern tester for $15 a month you get: at least {possibly more if I’m super productive & you are too!} 1 free pattern that you test, the possibility of winning another free pattern, when I name a pattern after you  you get that for free, 15% off in my Etsy shop, 20% off in my Ravelry shop, the possibility of winning a free hat, free crochet help, and Patron only posts that may contain new patterns or pattern mods. You also get to have input on what I design {& you get to test/buy/win!!}  You also get the Warm Fuzzies from helping me create for you! You become an Investor in my business & are on the Board! 🙂

Let’s do this!

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