Lucky Wanderer Slipper Boots Ta Da!

luckywandererboots04dA lovely order for Christmas. 🙂 The customer ordered these for his wife, & left me to decide colours. No pressure…. ALL THE PRESSURE!  So I investigated her Pinterest account & discovered she was into stained glass.  I had worked with this beautiful colourway for the Huntress Cowl Vests – so I knew it would look amazing as boots.


  • Pattern: Lucky Wanderer Boots by Drops {free pattern!}
  • Yarn: Loops & Threads Charisma in Northern Lights, Black, & Phentex WW in black
  • Hook: 8.00mm & 4.50mm {used to seam rather than mattress stitch}
  • Other: yarn needle, Doodle-Loom by Bucilla for pompoms, & E-6000 glue

No pattern adjustments beyond seaming by slipstitching together with the 4.5mm hook rather than sew them together.  The size is 11 – so they look big on me as I am size 8. They normally wouldn’t be baggy like that. 🙂  I glued along the tie yarn inside the pompoms to make them more secure.  I hope that the pompoms wear well. With all pompoms it’s touch and go.  But the ties are removable for washing – so that should help a great deal.  Washing pompoms almost always leads to disaster.




Photography Credit: Rhiannon Jensen


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2 Responses to Lucky Wanderer Slipper Boots Ta Da!

  1. Molly says:

    Lovely! Great colour choice!


  2. I want to thank you so much! My husband Roland loves my artistic spirit and always thinks hard about my gifts. I love slippers. I also crochet and know what goes into making handmade. I think they are amazing and can’t wait to get them. As a mixed media artist I truly appreciate the thought that went into your creation! That’s what makes it so special!!!


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