Gma’s Prayer Shawl Ta Da

sunday-shawl-01aMy husband’s grandmother isn’t doing so well, & there is a tradition in her church to make a Prayer Shawl for those that are not doing well.  I’m sure a member of her church will make her one, but I wanted to too. To show I care.

The Sunday Shawl by The Little Bee is a simple pattern, well written.  The nice thing about the main body of the shawl is that the stitches are done in the spaces between the stitches rather than the top of the stitches.  Perfect for difficult to use boucle yarn, where it is hard to see the stitches due to the fuzziness of the yarn.  Plus then the body of the shawl is extra plush. 🙂 Win win!

I used several colours, but my favorite is the vintage yarn Diana in Lavender by Patons.  It’s got a rainbowish colour to the lavender, very special looking.


  • Pattern: Sunday Shawl by The Little Bee
  • Hook: 5.5 mm/I
  • Yarn: quite a bit for the body. a variety of colours for the edging
  • Alterations: I made a mistake in the reading of the pattern, and did not do 2 rows of HDC between the rows of TRC, I only did 1. But I did more rows, and when I needed to do adjustments for the edgings, it was fairly simple. The edging is flexible I find in terms of stitch counts.

Sunday Shawl 01c

Sunday Shawl 01b

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