Huntress Hooded Cowl Ta Da!

Lovely, soft, and warm.  Inspired by Katniss Everdeen’s signature cowl in the Hunger Games movie. This project was lovely to make for my customer.

huntress-hooded-cowl-02fCompliments even this casual outfit of Deadpool tshirt & army boots. 🙂

Order yours here!

Huntress Hooded Cowl 02e


Huntress Hooded Cowl 02d



I didn’t, surprisingly, make any alterations to the pattern.  I recommend using a bulky yarn like Charisma.  I see projects made with worsted weight, and unless you are doubling it, it won’t give you the same look or fit.

I hope the customer loves it.  I think I’ll be making myself one for sure.

Huntress Hooded Cowl 02b

Huntress Hooded Cowl 02c

Huntress Hooded Cowl 02a

Ta Da!!!

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2 Responses to Huntress Hooded Cowl Ta Da!

  1. Terri says:

    Our daughter is going to love this. Thank you so much for helping to make her 12th birthday extra special.


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