Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mitts!

tmnt-mitts-02I love these mitts!! & I know so many people will love them too! You can order a pair here.


  • Pattern is Jurassic Gloves by Wanita Levacy-Sabin
  • green & character colour {orange, red, purple, or blue} yarn
  • 5.50mm/I hook
  • 2 0.75″ buttons
  • thread
  • darning needle & sewing needle
  • the following alterations!

TMNT Mitts 04

My Alterations

I add 3 rows before I start the pattern!

Round 0.1 :: Foundation DC your beginning ch amount of the size you are making PLUS 5.  Slip Stitch into a ring skipping the first 5 FDC – being sure to have the flap on the outside of the mitt.

Round 0.2 – 0.3 :: CH2, (FPDC, BPDC) around, FPDC, SS to first FPDC

Now continue on to your pattern until you reach the round with the FDC.

FDC Round :: substitute in FSC instead of FDC.

Thumb: Round 1:: start in second skipped dc, CH2, DC until 1 away from end of skipped sts. DC2TOG in last skipped st + side of next dc. DC2TOG in same side of dc + first fsc , DC across fsc until 1 left, DC2TOG in last fsc + side of next dc. DC2TOG in same side of dc + first skipped st, SS to first dc. Continue on with pattern.  This creates NO holes and looks awesome.

Sew button onto the inside of the flap.  Now you can tighten the mitt if needed. Don’t use metal buttons as the button will be against the skin & you don’t want to get frostbite from cold metal.

TMNT Mitts 03

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