Spiderweb Dreamcatcher

Wispy, spooky, & gothic.

DC.spiderweb 01g

Small dreamcatcher, long wispy fringe, lace fringe, and beaded fringe. Black velvet hearts.

It was fun to look for black and soft grey beads: I found some heavy crackle glass beads in grey.

DC.spiderweb 01e

DC.spiderweb 01d

DC.spiderweb 01c

DC.spiderweb 01b

I used black seed beads fr the webbing, but also used gunmetal toned to make it look like dark dewdrops.Β  So beautiful, I can see it slightly shining in the moonlight.

DC.spiderweb 01c

The finishing touch… a spider charm.

DC.spiderweb 01f

It will be available at Twig & Squirrels Wild Goods in Saskatoon.

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