Jewelry! Necklace & Rings

Saturday I played again in my bead stash. Making some really pretty necklaces!

Neckalce.Octopus Hoard01d

This one I am titling ‘Octopus Hoard’ as it has many crystals {each different} in shades of blue, green, & metallics.  A vintage chandelier crystal, octopus charm, & faux pearls.  A mermaid’s necklace for sure.  It’s also quite long. I love it. {available here}

Neckalce.Octopus Hoard01a

Neckalce.Octopus Hoard01b

Neckalce.Octopus Hoard01c

I had gotten these turquoise with a butterfly image transfer a while ago, but hadn’t found a project to use them with.  This necklace is pretty sweet.  Turquoise hearts and other shapes compliment the vintage chandelier crystal too. {available here}



This one might just be my new favorite! I love the silvery AB crystals that I paired with the vintage octagons & the chandelier crystal. It’s so monochromatic, but beautiful. I used silver-plated wire for all the wrapping! I love the chunky look of the wrapping, yet it is still so delicate looking. {available here}



This one is my daughters favorite, she like’s things simple.  Just the birds, hearts, & key. {available here}

Necklace.Key  01a


I also made some chakra/yoga themed necklaces.  I only had 1 type of amethyst stones and red jasper stones that I could find.  My other amethyst beads must be hiding somewhere.  I only made one in the typical rainbow colours, then played with the other stone options that the internet gave me. 😉 I love how unique they are. Perfect if you’re into chakra’s and not into being the same as everyone else. 😀

necklace.chakra 03b

necklace.chakra 03a

Top-Bottom:: Amethyst, Sodalite, Apatite, Green Avertine, Yellow Avertine, Orange Calcite, Red Jasper {available here}

necklace.chakra 02a

necklace.chakra 02b

T-B:: Howlite, Lapis Lazuli, Apatite, Moss Agate, Tiger Eye, Moonstone, Hematite  {available here}

necklace.chakra 01a

necklace.chakra 01b

T-B:: Labradorite, Sodalite, Apatite, Green Avertine, Tiger Eye, Carnelian, Hematite {available here}

Also I’ve been making Dreamcatcher Rings. More to come! I’ve got opal, ruby, garnet…. lots of ideas and wee stones to use. Message me if you want one in your birthstone.


Gray Ruby on Silvertone {available here}


Gray Ruby on Goldtone {available here}


Lapis Lazuli Heart on Silvertone {available here}

I ❤ jewelry! Remember – you can always commission your very own piece. I ❤ requests or even just ideas. 😀

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