Castiel : Amigurumi version

If you don’t watch Supernatural you won’t understand how great Castiel is. But trust me, he’s pretty great.  I’ve seen every episode and own almost all the boxed DVD sets of the seasons.  I even got my daughter into it.  Her favorite character is Castiel, mine is Crowley with Dean running a very close second.  The second I saw this pattern on Ravelry I put it into my cart and purchased it.  I knew it was a Must Make.  Even if all I made was one for Rhiannon.  Ta Da!!

Castiel Doll 01b

He took a lot longer than anticipated to make, but I’ll be faster with #2. 🙂  I added wire to his legs, arms, & wings so they are poseable.  His trenchcoat is attached, so that can’t be removed. A removable one might make his arms to big…. having to crochet them shirt colour, then squish them into the trenchcoat sleeves.  The hair needs some work, but Rhiannon is satisfied with it and even says it looks like his hair from season 4.  He comes in pretty big at just over 10″ tall. 😀  The pattern is well written and clear.  I recommend purchasing from this designer for sure!

Castiel Doll 01d


  • Pattern: Castiel Amigurumi by Adventures in Yarnia
  • Hook: 3.50mm
  • yarn needle
  • 6mm safety eyes
  • 20 gauge wire
  • 24 gauge wire
  • polyfil
  • Worsted weight yarn: cream, dark brown, white, tan, grey, navy blue, & black

Castiel Doll 01c

I will be offering him in my Etsy shop {made to order} & hope to have one made for the Saskatoon Expo in September.

Castiel Doll 01a

Castiel Doll 01e

This Castiel has a loving home already…. my daughters bedroom! 😀 What do you think?

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