New Jewelry!

I had quite a spell there where I didn’t make any jewelry, but I broke my fast, in a big way.

Steampunk Necklace 02bI played with wire & crystals. Lots of steampunk findings & charms. Vintage lace & thrifted beads. Pearls & copper.

Steampunk Necklace 02c

Steampunk Necklace 02a

A Bird’s Eye View steampunk necklace! Lariat style, but has a lobster clasp closure in the back.  Made from various bronze toned charms, wire, and crystals.  This piece took me the longest.  It was a lot of fun going through my chain boxes & using some great steampunk elements.  I couldn’t find my gear charms this time.  When  do I’ll make more lariats. 😀 {available for purchase here}

Steampunk Earrings 01b

I also made matching earrings. They are super long, shoulder dusters is what you’d call them. I love the look of that giant link, reminds me of hanging lamps from the 70s. 🙂 {available for purchase here}

Steampunk Necklace 01c

Steampunk Necklace 01a

Romance Takes Wing was a joy to make.  I used bird connectors with a key charm & a vintage thrifted chandelier crystal.  I also used 3 different oilslick finished crystals to give it a bit of colour, mysterious colour.  I am going to make more in this style for sure. 😀 {available for purchase here}

Lace Velvet Crystal Necklace 01c

Lace Velvet Crystal Necklace 01b

Velvet Diamond Necklace, I love this piece.  I love the octogonal foil backed crystal! I have a couple more this big and several smaller.  I’m going to have to play with them on different lace or ribbon backgrounds.  The velvet beads are fun too. Super soft. I wish I had more of them. {available for purchase here}

Lace Necklace 05b

Lace Necklace 05a

My most favorite necklace that I made: Seaside Dreaming.  I used thrifted shells & amazonite chunks for a wonderful colour scheme.  The vintage lace just compliments it so well.  These lace necklace are fun to make.  I use very thin copper wire, a 28 gauge, & make a wrapped loop first.  I use a jump ring mandrel, wrapping the wire around the same diameter about 5 times. With my end I secure those wraps by wrapping around & through the ring.  The rest of the wire is what I use to thread on the lace & beads.  I make sure to fold my lace evenly so that it is not thicker in one spot than another.  I finish my length the same I started, with another wrapped wire loop. Should I do a tutorial on making these tye of necklace? Let me know. {available for purchase on my Facebook page}

Lace Necklace 04d

Lace Necklace 04B

This piece, after I finished it, matches pretty much exactly my daughters hair.  I must have been inspired by her when I made it. 😀 {available for purchase on my Facebook page}

Lace Necklace 02b

Lace Necklace 02c

Gothic Windows Necklace, this one – pure goth. ❤ it! {available here for purchase}

Lace Necklace 01c

Lace Necklace 01a

Blushing Pink: another favorite necklace.  Wee pinkish freshwater pearls threaded through the top of creamy lace…. it spells romantic I think. {available here for purchase}

Lace Necklace 03d

Lace Necklace 03b

Gemini Necklace is an interesting piece, as is her sister below.  The lace s wrapped around the painted beads and the faceted beads, creating a two-sided necklace.  You can decide to have the bronze tones showing prominently, as in the first photo, or less so as in the second photo.  Two looks in one. {available here for purchase}

Steampunk Necklace 03c

Steampunk Necklace 03a

Instead of black lace, I used cream in the Romancing The Pearl necklace.  All painted faux pearls, and two-sided as well due to the lace wraps. 😀 {available here for purchase}

Egyptian Necklace 01b

Egyptian Necklace 01a

Of The Damned: I loved this necklace.  Ankh, Eye of Horus, vampire fangs….. what’s not to love? {SOLD! If you’re sad – custom order your own & be a fan of my Facebook page – this piece sold from a photo I shared there and didn’t even make it into my Etsy shop!}

Boho Owl Necklace01b

Boho Owl Necklace01a

Boho Owl: I fell in ❤ with these owl beads….. I had this thrifted fringe necklace that just needed some spicing up.  I added the owl, and turquoise rounds on head pins and the necklace became outstanding.  ❤ it! Unique & one of a kind. {available here for purchase}

I think that’s it! Whew! I ❤ making jewelry….. now I’m itching to make more and eyeing up all my supplies still out…. 😉

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