We’re getting ready here on the farm to host several families for the Canada Day long weekend.  It is such a busy time, deep cleaning and de-cluttering the house.  I packed away alot of extra dishes, and reorganized those that I kept out. For my fellow Pyrex & thrifty friends, take a sneak peek.

blog2016.06.27 ph01My collection of gravy boats and creamers. My clear Pyrex bowl collection, and only 3 of each size of Princess Pyrex bowls on the top shelf.  Lovely wooden Japanese salad bowls.

blog2016.06.27 ph02

My spice racks…. love those labels and my vintage Pyrex S&P shakers. My vintage tin bread box… super handy!

blog2016.06.27 ph03

Our piano…. not even sure why we have it. It was used once in the 6 years I lived with my husband.  But on top are my/Rhiannon’s Calico Critters, owl teapots, and vintage blue platters and carnival glass deviled egg platter.  My french beaded daisies in a vase… 🙂

blog2016.06.27 ph04

On my living room table….some vintage treasures. Milk glass dental tray, compote, cut glass candle holders, cloche & insulators.

blog2016.06.27 ph05

I love the light apple green one… it’s my newest one.

blog2016.06.27 ph06

blog2016.06.27 ph07

The measuring spoons aren’t vintage, but they were thrifted. Super cute!

So now that everything is organized and pretty….we’ll have house full in a few days.  I’m going to enjoy this while I can. 🙂

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3 Responses to preparing

  1. Sue Zimmer says:

    Love thrifty treasures!!


  2. Jennifer says:

    Love the French beaded daisies! Just beautiful! Had to Google to see how they were made…wow a lot of hard work. You have so much patience my friend 🙂


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