Rainbow Anita Toque

I found this gorgeous yarn the other week and had to make myself a hat with it.

Anita Toque Rainbow DSCN3535

The pattern is my trusty Anita Toque in the slouch style.  The yarn is almost all of a skein of LionBrand Landscapes in Boardwalk Promanade. I used the last bits to make a wrap bracelet.  {I’ll be sharing that free pattern soon}

Anita Rainbow Toque DSCN3528

Isn’t it dreamy??  I have one more skein in my stash…. so if you want one let me know.  I don’t have any custom order listings up in my Etsy shop at the moment, but can still quote you the price. 🙂

Anita Rainbow Toque DSCN3529

Anita Rainbow Toque DSCN3531

I dyed my daughters hair Wednesday night.  The teal had washed out eventually, & she has about 5 inches of her natural colour grown in.  So I dyed the ends with the teal that we had left {& I bought another bottle as I love it so much}, & then dyed the rest a deep purple.  It looks so lovely & she loves it!

Anita Rainbow ToqueDSCN3533

Anita Toque Rainbow DSCN3526

ta da!

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