We have a colony of beavers in our swamp. 😦 So I can’t walk down our back lane until they are dealt with.  Beavers can really hurt you when they attack. 😦

But I found where they are gathering food…

blog.june 13 2016 photo09 April17

blog.june 13 2016 photo10 April17

blog.june 13 2016 photo11 April17

In the middle of the last photo you can see where they have made a water canal from dragging trees.

I didn’t see any this day thank goodness. I didn’t want Scout or Paladin to get into a fight with one. They would most likely lose. 😦

blog.june 13 2016 photo08 April17

Scout did end up scaring a grouse up into a tree…. if you look carefully you can see it glaring down at me.

blog.june 13 2016 photo06 April17.JPG

& I found lots of wild roses!!! So beautiful!

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