This Is SPARTA!!

Spartan ToqueDSCN3490Another custom order done!

{do not be afraid to contact me about custom orders – I require a deposit but can make anything crocheted. 🙂 }

The pattern is from Cathyren’s Ravelry Store and is fairly easy to make.  I used two shades of grey yarn, a wee bit of black yarn and almost all of a small skein of red.  That fringe does take a lot! I will be stiffening it with glue.  I’ll do another post showing that off when I get it done.

I’ll be adding the listing to Etsy once I get caught up on custom orders. 🙂 If you are interested just send me a message and we can arrange payment and sizing.

My Ravelry Project page for all the specs!

My customer has already seen it & seems pleased already!

SpartanToque DSCN3480

Spartan Toque DSCN3484

Spartan Toque DSCN3487

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