Garden update

This year I switched up my garden. This time in tires as well as the 3 Sisters Plot.

blog.june 13 2016 photo13 April17

I used big tractor tires for carrots, dill, peas, & cucumbers.  I put a big old metal spoked tire on top so that my dogs don’t get in there and dig.  I’ll take them off the peas & cucumbers when they start growing and make a tipi to let them climb on.  Not much is growing yet.

blog.june 13 2016 photo12 April17


Rather than fight to much with the weeds & roots left over from last year I opted to just dump nice aged horse/cow manure and plant directly into that.  Rows of corn + beans & rows of zucchini + sunflowers.  There was many 16Lbuckets of manure hauled and dumped. A good workout for sure.

blog.june 13 2016 photo14 April17

I even have a small pot for lettuce!

blog.june 13 2016 photo01 April17


blog.june 13 2016 photo02 April17


blog.june 13 2016 photo03 April17The plum trees were in bloom in April, and here is what they look like now.  Wee little green plums growing!

blog.june 13 2016 photo05 April17

Crossing my fingers that I have a successful garden. If not – well the Hutterites at Green Leaf Colony always has veggies!










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