whoa, it’s been a week since my last post. :/ sorry about that!

Super busy lately, on the crochet front.  I have an order for Tank Slippers on the hook right now.  I’ve also got an order for a Mermaidtail afghan and a possible dreamz poncho.  Both of which will take at least a week. 🙂 No complaints though.

On the designing front – finally getting around to writing and testing my SubZero Balaclava, after which the Scorpion will be out.  I’ve also got a hat idea percolating in my brain.  It’s going to use my 25mm hook and some awesome sari ribbon yarn.  You can sub in other ribbons or just lots & lots of yarn.  It will be a fun experiment!

On the farm front, it was super dry & now it’s rained softly & steadily for 3 days.  The garden will be put in next week after the threat of frost is gone.  The plum trees are in bloom, but I don’t see any bees! I am hoping they show up right away! Else I guess no plums. 😥

Everything is green & growing.  Tarrasque’s hair is curly in the rain. I should get photos of it. A pony with curly body hair!

Tomorrow I’ll share some photos of some thrifting treasures.

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