Found it!

So, as in the way of every crafter, I am looking for something in my studio when I find something unrelated but more awesome!  I was pining to make this particular grandfather clock tapestry but the book is vintage and therefore will cost me +$30 to own by ordering from Amazon sellers.  Finding it on Ebay wasn’t cheap either.  So I was hoping to borrow it from a friend or get it from the library somewhere.

blog2016.04.30 ph01

As I said, I was looking for something unrelated, {lime green seed beads to be exact – didn’t find them}, and my eye fell on my stack of vintage books.  And the blue spine with distinctive retro font. That said “Decorating with Crochet Halliday”.  *blink blink* The book is missing it’s dust cover with all the lovely photos of the projects inside.  Commence whooping & jubilation!

Let’s peek inside!

blog2016.04.30 ph02

Table of Contents, lots of interesting and some very boring patterns.

blog2016.04.30 ph03

The coveted grandfather clock tapestry!

blog2016.04.30 ph05

I’m in love with that beaded wall hanging.

blog2016.04.30 ph06

I’m in love with that owl pillow! So chubby!

blog2016.04.30 ph04

My husband thought these were pretty awesome.  I may have to get him to pick out colours and make him one for his man cave. 🙂

Super happy I actually have this book in my collection!

As you can see from the messy background I got a beading fix in.  I made some really nifty bracelets I will be sharing soon!

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