blog2016.04.29 ph02Spring is here! The lilac bush is budding. Everything is budding. 🙂

blog2016.04.29 ph09

There’s a slough about 2 miles from our place.  This old building keeps sinking lower & lower.  About 50 wild swans were swimming with many canadian  geese {who flew away!} when I took these photos.

blog2016.04.29 ph10

blog2016.04.29 ph11

blog2016.04.29 ph12

blog2016.04.29 ph03

My handsome & naughty Tarrasque DoW

blog2016.04.29 ph06

Pony noses!

blog2016.04.29 ph05

I am visiting with Scout & Paladin, so of course the ponies have to come over! Can’t be left out. 🙂

blog2016.04.29 ph04

blog2016.04.29 ph07

Pretty Scout “hiding” under my skirt…..

blog2016.04.29 ph08

Pretty Paladin, mama’s boy.

Spring in north central Saskatchewan.  We haven’t got much rain, the snow is gone, and it’s so warm so early in the year.  Gardening will begin soon. 🙂  For now I’m enjoying seeing the birds come back.  Soon there will be baby birds swimming!




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