Sunday musings

Are you bored this Sunday?  Here’s some neat links I’ve found recently. Enjoy! 😀

I’m not #TeamDeathEater at all, but this crossstitch is cool for any Harry Potter fan in your life.  IT might even encourage someone to try the craft for the first time. 😀

This song is so well done, amazing voices!

I’ll be using this page the next time I’m stuck for a colour combination.  Great for designers or those not confidant in their colour choices.

 What’s your days looking like now? Here on the farm I’m getting ready to do gardening.  I’m trying something new, planting exclusively in tires.  Regular plants in big tractor tires, and cucumbers & potatoes in the smaller tires.  I’m hoping it will be easier to weed, keep the puppies out of, & easier to water.  Best of all, I can always move the tires next year if I don’t like the spot I’ve chosen.

Chickens should be showing up in a couple of weeks. Mmmm fresh eggs!

🙂 Happy Sunday to you.

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