Dogs, Ponies, & Cat – oh my!

We are having some really warm {+20C} days this April!  The snow is almost all gone, the grass is greening, and buds are appearing on the trees.  I even saw some wee flowers.  This is a gift from Mother Nature to enjoy, so I went for an after lunch walk.  I took Frank on his leash, Conan, Paladin, & Scout decided to come with me.  The ponies also decided to come with me – which was a treat! Of course Jackjack showed up – he likes to go on walks with me, for some cat-reason. 😉

 blog2016.04.20 ph01

blog2016.04.20 ph02

blog2016.04.20 ph03

saying hi to me and snuffing my tummy.

blog2016.04.20 ph04

blog2016.04.20 ph05

blog2016.04.20 ph06

a couple over-my-should snaps! The Ponies decided to follow me on my walk.

blog2016.04.20 ph07

The dogs ahead of me, Frank & Conan

blog2016.04.20 ph08

The ponies passing us & scaring Frank.

blog2016.04.20 ph09

a cool blurry selfie!

blog2016.04.20 ph10

now one in focus! Hullo!

blog2016.04.20 ph11

Scout & Pal catching up. Scout has gotten huge! She’s the biggest dog now.

blog2016.04.20 ph12

Jackjack came as well!

blog2016.04.20 ph13

The 3 boy dogs walking ahead. 🙂

blog2016.04.20 ph14

Jack keeping up!

blog2016.04.20 ph15

It looks quite brown, but it’s greening up! Spring is here.

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