Tribal Chokers Ta Da

You know I’m a geek, that’s not a surprise.  One of the things I like to do is LARP – Live Action RolePlaying. Basically immersion improv theatre.  I play in a vampire larp that starts in two weeks, and so I’m getting a costume ready.  I’ve also made some pieces for three of my fellow players.  We’re playing Gangrel together.

I used natural materials like bone, horn, leather, soapstone & jade.  The bear claws are cast resin and look quite realistic.  My husband has a real bear claw that I also made a necklace with a long time ago, so I’ve seen and handled the real thing.

blog2016.03.25 ph01I will be making myself one.  I’m thinking of use a slice of turquoise to back the claw & white leather as my form is a white wolf {more geek stuff!}.  I’m thinking of incorporating feathers into mine as I held myself back SO HARD from putting feathers on the guys chokers.  The middle one almost got feathers, but I settled on leather fringe. 😉

What do you think?  I think I may have to make more once I buy more bone tube beads to finish mine.

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