Thrifty Thursday

blog2016.03.17 ph01

I’ve gone thrifting a few times since I last shared treasures with you.  Lately I’ve had some good finds.  This leather & fur hat is pretty awesome.  It’s not lined, but it sure is warm.  The embroidery is machine done, but still so beautiful.  I think it was $5 at Value Village. Score!  The little dome and plate were also a Value Village find {different trip} & was $4.

blog2016.03.17 ph02

The little milk glass cup & picture frame were from a Mennonite Clothes Basket thrift store, $0.25 each I believe.

blog2016.03.17 ph03

On yet another different trip to Value Village I found this cotton dish towel.  Brand new even!  I’ve started buying these when I see them, they’re so much better of a towel than anything you can find nowadays.  Plus – so retro & fun.  Souvenir dishtowels are my new favorite thrifted item!

blog2016.03.17 ph04

blog2016.03.17 ph05

We went to a different Mennonite Clothes thrift shop & I found these 2 cute pottery vases.  I think they were probably donated by the maker as they aren’t “perfect” with the glazes.  My mother-in-law is a potter now, and we recently got gifted beautiful dog bowls that the maker didn’t like because of the glaze.  I think they & these pots are beautiful!

A few other things I found that are not photographed: leather coat to be cut up, patterns, ruffle yarn, latchhook yarn, & my cool enameled plate! I’ll have to do a post on that find for sure!  🙂  What have you thrifted lately?  What are you keeping an eye out for?

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