Stitch Markers!!

I made Stitch Markers!!

Or I guess I made a ton of mismatched earrings! 😉


This is the Goth Set.  It has: red skull, black skull, large ruby, silvertone bird skull, snowflake obsidian, hematite, glass teardrop, poppy jasper, and another jasper.

Will be listed as $50+ shipping



The Steampunk Set is also pretty & interesting.  It has a few gears, a watch hand, a watch hand & azurite, peacock jasper, opalite, a couple of carved soapstones, & a green wooden bead all wire-wrapped with fine copper wire.

Will be listed as $50+ shipping





The Turquoise Set is all simulated turquoise – aka dyed howlite.  But it still is so pretty!  Lots of shapes including bear, star, & leaf.

Will be listed as $40+ shipping


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One Response to Stitch Markers!!

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    Those are gorgeous! Makes me wish I was a knitter. 😉

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