Double Layered Braided Cowl Ta da

I would have done a WIP post today – but I was busy getting this great cowl done!

So now I have a Ta Da post instead.

DoubleLayered Braided Cowl01cI got a custom order for a teal Double Layer Braided Cowl by Crochet Dreamz.  I used Red Heart’s Teal colour in Super Saver & Red Heart Sparkle in a teal colour.  A gold tone button from my button stash, and this on trend cowl is ready.

What do you think?  I’m going to make another in white, and maybe another in a different colourway combining some natural colours – browns & greens I think. Listing in my Etsy shop soon.  If you want one faster – find me on Facebook or leave a message here. 🙂

DoubleLayered Braided Cowl01a

DoubleLayered Braided Cowl01b

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