Farm Friday

blog2016.02.19 ph06Ponies!  As promised, a ton of pony photos!

Tarrasque will be 2 this spring.  He’s a gelding now and much more calmer.  He’s not Nora, but he is a sweetie, & he loves me.  Relic is standoffish as usual.  Our puppies are growing so BIG!  Remember when Scout was a wee puppy in July?  Now she is the biggest dog of the pack.  Rhiannon has finally warmed up to her.  Losing Asha in 2014 really hurt her, but I can see that Scout is worming her way into Rhiannon’s heart.

blog2016.02.19 ph19

Sky having a drink

blog2016.02.19 ph18

Relic not visiting unless there is actual food involved

blog2016.02.19 ph17

blog2016.02.19 ph16

Handsome Tarrasque

blog2016.02.19 ph15

they’re so small compared to horses!

blog2016.02.19 ph14

#ponyselfie with Tarrasque

blog2016.02.19 ph13

Tarrasque having a drink

blog2016.02.19 ph12

fuzzy snow Tarrasque kisses

blog2016.02.19 ph11

#ponyselfie with my boy

blog2016.02.19 ph10

Rhiannon and her style! She’s been wearing that toque for 2 weeks now!

blog2016.02.19 ph09

kisses for Scout

blog2016.02.19 ph08

nose rubs for Paladin

blog2016.02.19 ph07

warm home at night

blog2016.02.19 ph05

Sky’s nose

blog2016.02.19 ph04

kisses for my boy

blog2016.02.19 ph03

blog2016.02.19 ph02

head nibbles & toque stealing for me

blog2016.02.19 ph01

Scout ❤ ‘s Rhiannon with her giant puppy heart


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