Cowl of Many Colors Ta Da

I have a couple of orders & a couple of new designs in the works, but I am in withdrawal from the crazy pre-Christmas Make-A-Thon.  So in classic form I started a couple of new just-because projects.  Somehow this relaxes me completely and lets me focus on the projects I should be doing.  It’s weird I know – but my brain works like that.  I have been tentatively diagnosed with Asperger’s not to long ago.  Which would explain a lot. |sigh| Still, I cope with my brain, Asperger’s or not, in my own way.


Ta Da!

blog2016.01.08 ph05

For a Red Heart Crochet-A-Long on Ravelry I made my first entry for the month of January.  The requirements were: had to use Red Heart yarn, be a cowl, & be made in the month of January 2016.

blog2016.01.08 ph01

I picked Sari Silk yarn, and black & grey yarn: Goth with a bit of Bollywood = my style.

blog2016.01.08 ph02

Hint: when you have a long chain that you have to slipstitch together at the end and don’t want to worry about twisting your chain – simply slip the first chain on to the back of your hook like so and when done simply pull the loop on hook through it to join. Easy peasy and SO much less frustrating!

2016 01 07

… progress…..

blog2016.01.08 ph04

and finished!  I have to get a proper photo of Rhiannon wearing it yet.  I love it, so I have decided if I will list it or not.  I DO have a lot of sari yarn, so maybe I will make another! If you want it – let me know!

{Making details here}

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