Top 10 Posts of 2015

It’s been quite a year, A short year it feels like. I’m kinda glad 2016 is a Leap Year – maybe that extra day will stretch it out a little longer.

I had 8341 views this year from 4929 visitors! Thank you and please take another tour. 🙂

My top post of 2015 is my Free Death Star Mod of the Anita Toque. 2015 was the year for Star Wars!

My Lalylala Kangaroo Project post was #2. I think that is mainly people trying to get around buying the pattern and reverse engineer it from photos. 😦 So I removed the In Progress photos from the post several months ago.  It still gets a lot of visitors though.

Moogly Cat Scoodie ta da! comes in at #3. 🙂 This scoodie had a great colour scheme.

#4: depression and saying good bye.  The crochet community lost Wink this year. 😥

#5: 3 for Thursday: crochet for babies some great baby items I made.

#6: I {heart} Pyrex! visits from a Pyrex community contribute to the standing of this post.

#7: Billie Slouch Ta Da! one of my first paid patterns!  I still ❤ Billies.

#8: recycled yarn & free pattern I still adore sari yarn.  Every crocheter should work with it at least once.

#9: Anita Toque A big change for this pattern now.  I’m charging $1 as I am in desperate need of dental surgery & need to save the money up to get it done in 2016.  I hope you understand.

#10: French Beaded Flowers: making the leaves I keep meaning to make more flowers and hence more posts on this craft.  It’s a lovely craft and deserves more attention.

I’m not able to monetize this blog as of yet – but I will keep posting about my crafts, my farm, & my ponies. Looking forward to 2016 – see you there!

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