2015 12 08December 8th 2015 :: working on a Natalie Super Slouch & Lowtop Sneaker Slippers

2015 12 09

December 9th 2015 :: still working on the Natalie Super Slouch & Sneaker Slippers.  Loving my wristwarmers and new owl ring!!!!

2015 12 12

Ugly Sweater Christmas Bowling Party.  I liked how it turned out!

2015 12 19

Working on Every Trick On The Hook’s Blizzard Warning SquaresLoving the pattern – so well written and actually not that hard at all. All basic stitches. I think a beginner could easily do this pattern.

2015 12 20

Baby booties present & Blizzard Warning squares are still on my hook!

2015 12 21

An evening-in-bed photo.  Baby booties!! I made up 2 pairs of Mia Slouch Boots as a present.

2015 12 26

Another dog fight broke out between Frank & Paladin & my hand got bit. Ow! Thankfully Dear Husband is a nurse and glued my owies.  We’ll watch for infection of course.  Still crocheting!!!

Let’s see you #craftselfies!!

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2 Responses to #craftselfie

  1. Marie Hood says:

    When your dogs get into a fight, grab their back legs and pull them upwards by them. That throws them off balance and they will turn loose of each other and you won’t be risking a bite. A tactic I learned from owning pitt bulls for years. Hope your bite gets much better.


    • ooo! Great tip! I will use it next time. I know there will be a next time, sadly. 😦 I wish they would just figure out & be happy with pack order, but Paladin is young & is still figuring things out & Frank doesn’t back down.


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