Christmas 2015

We had a quiet Christmas – the kind I like.  Opened presents on the 24th as my Dear Husband had to work on the 25th.  We had a loud supper with family that evening as well – but Christmas Day was spent at home – quiet.  {I got a dog bite as well that night – but that’s another post}.

blog2015.12.26 ph01Several presents were opened – we didn’t over do it or anything.  Just got some things we knew each person would love.  Rhiannon REALLY loves Castiel, & she saw these Pop! dolls at SaskExpo but no Castiel.  We found one for her.  I think it’s her favorite gift. 🙂

blog2015.12.26 ph02

Jacob recieved several Star Wars items including a Chewbacca onesie. I couldn’t resist!

blog2015.12.26 ph03

Rhiannon got a couple of tiny wrapped presents, which hold lovely things! 😉

blog2015.12.26 ph05

I did as well.  Tanzanite 1ct Earrings.  So beautiful!

blog2015.12.26 ph04

My husband got items he really loves as well.  A tactical war hammer – every home should have one. 😉

I hope your Christmas was peaceful as well.

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