Storm Trooper Balaclava, Heidi Toque, & Natalie Slouch Ta Da!

In less than 24 hours I designed and crocheted two Storm Trooper Balaclava’s for two customers – custom order. |whew|

StormTrooper Balaclava 01c

Don’t they look awesome?!

Pattern will be coming soon, I just want to get some fit details back after Christmas {when the recipients actually get them}, and then it will be perfect. 😀

Here’s how it looked on me:

StormTrooper Balaclava 01b

StormTrooper Balaclava 01a

What do you think?  We haven’t seen the new movie yet – looking forward to it though!

I also had an order for a Death Star Beanie & a Natalie Super Slouch.





I loved the colours of the yarn.  So beautiful, and it matched Rhiannon’s hair perfectly! 🙂 To bad it wasn’t for her.  {my Ravelry project page here}

I also made another Heidi Toque – this time in cream with a heart pompom!  Super cute!! {my Ravelry project here}

Heidi Toque 02b

Heidi Toque 02c

Heidi Toque 02a

This one is available in my shop here!

7 Hats challenge… +5 …the count is now 119 out of 355

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