a few images that have been inspiring me

(i) boot doiley spats 2

These Doily boot spats are very pretty.

(i)woee earrings

love the spiderweb idea, even though I hate spiders.

(i)nesting dolls 01

I love nesting dolls! This is a sweet idea to do recognizable people as the dolls.

(i)crochet technique 01

A neat crochet technique that I want to try out. Reminds me a cathedral windows in quilting.

(i)chunky jacket02

loving the scrappy chunky look

(i)big tassels

giant tassels!

(i)afghan 01

scrappy stars paired with calming grey. I have this pattern in my Ravelry cart & will purchase it soon!

(i) puff flower bag

love these puff flowers

(i) pentical neck

love the pentacle neckline

(i) knit owl toque


(i) hardanger embroidery on crochet

embroidery on crochet is something that I like.  I like combining my skill sets & making something different!

(i) granny square pillows

I need more crocheted pillows in my life. Especially that owl.

(i) foot jewelry a

Foot jewelry! love the bohemian feel to these ones.

(i) dreamcatchers

Doily dreamcatchers!! I’m slowly building a colourful display in my living room.

What is inspiring you lately?  I’m looking forward to trying new techniques and learning more skills.

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