morning walk

I’m exercising more as I realize that lack of gardening work this summer & no need to chop wood anymore has impacted my physique.  My middle is spreading! lol  So every morning I take the dogs on a circuit of the fence line closest to the house.  It helps Frank & Conan get some exercise, teach Scout & Paladin to stay close to the human when out & about, gives Try some fun exploring & chasing mice, & lets me inspect the fence line.  I’m also doing beginning pilates, but that’s another post {maybe}.

blog2015.12.17 ph01walking across the edge of the frozen slough, Frank on a leash so he doesn’t run away, Scout exploring ahead

blog2015.12.17 ph03

Frank & Paladin

blog2015.12.17 ph02

Conan & Frank

blog2015.12.17 ph05

Frank & Paladin

blog2015.12.17 ph06

Frank & Conan

blog2015.12.17 ph04

Try chasing mice

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