Low Tops Ta Da & Pattern Review

blog2015.12.01 ph02

I finished my H hook pair today {pattern sizes depend on hook size} of the LowTop Slippers pattern.  Not very pleased.

blog2015.12.01 ph03

The pattern had some unclear & confusing instructions, so I had to figure it out with only the sample photo for reference.  I was disappointed there was not any in progress photos to help with stitch placement.  It fits awkwardly, I will have to put more decreases in the upper part in order to make them fit around the ankle better.

blog2015.12.01 ph05

blog2015.12.01 ph04

It makes a very cool slipper & my son who modeled them for me really liked them.  After I make another pair with alterations he’ll have some sneaker slippers to keep his toes warm.

blog2015.12.01 ph01

What do you think?

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