Farm Scenes

blog2015.11.29 ph01I realize it’s been a while since I posted pony photos.  They’ve come in from the pasture – for the most part – but apparently decided to go for a stroll in amongst the deadfall trees. I didn’t want to risk a turned ankle to visit with them.

blog2015.11.29 ph03

I called to them and they just stared at me.  OOO–oatsssssssss! But no dice.  They’d rather hang out way over there!

blog2015.11.29 ph02

blog2015.11.29 ph05

But Grimm wanted to visit a bit.  The pets cat was feeling kindly to the humans who take care of him.  He’s such a cutie.

blog2015.11.29 ph06

Bright rosehips I didn’t collect

blog2015.11.29 ph08

blog2015.11.29 ph07

blog2015.11.29 ph04

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