Doc’s Kooky Hat on Z Nation

Do you watch Z Nation? It’s a low budget, gritty, funnier zombie show.  The characters are interesting, the plot is stretched to fit the writers imagination.  Ztsunami & Zweed are fun plot devices.  The zombie babies & zombie strippers make it not so pre/young teen friendly in my opinion. If you like the zombie genre, this is a fun romp.  But on to the awesome hat worn by the beloved Doc character.  It’s kooky, green, and I’ve only saw it in the beginning of this episode.  But now I’ve got to make it!





I believe the RV is a nod to The Walking Dead and Doc + kooky hat is a nod to Dale and his fishing hat. 😀

It’s a forest green, and looks like it is heathered or made from christmas yarn – the kind with a metallic thread in it.  It’s probably 2 strands held together as the yellow strip has green with it, so the maker probably just switched out one green strand for a couple of rounds.  The body is single crochet with the ear/neck part double crochet.  I am going to assume that the top part would have to have something in it to keep it standing, unless the crocheting was done so tight to keep it hard and stiff.  😉  Cool hat. Kooky hat. I think it would be a fun make!  Now the question is – could I wear it as well a Doc does?

*notice DJ Qualls is in this show…. Garth from Supernatural!

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One Response to Doc’s Kooky Hat on Z Nation

  1. Keisha says:

    I just finished Z Nation the other day and I thought the same thing you did about Doc’s hat 😀 How’d you do on it? I’m sure I’ll work it up soon. I’ve been working on Zelda Gloves for ages and I have a few other things I’m working on. But this truly is a Kooky hat that I HAVE to make 😀


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