summer memories

A beautiful June 26th 2015

blog2015.11.06 ph19

blog2015.11.06 ph18

blog2015.11.06 ph16

blog2015.11.06 ph15

blog2015.11.06 ph14

blog2015.11.06 ph13

blog2015.11.06 ph12

blog2015.11.06 ph11

blog2015.11.06 ph10

blog2015.11.06 ph09

blog2015.11.06 ph08

blog2015.11.06 ph07

blog2015.11.06 ph06

blog2015.11.06 ph05

blog2015.11.06 ph04

We finally had a drier year.  The water is going down, leaving behind a lot of dead trees and debris.

It’s getting brown and dreary on the farm again.  Winter is Coming.  It’s supposed to be mild this year, which is great. But it’s still my least favorite season.  I found some photos that I hadn’t shared the other day.  I was out for a walk and found a duck nest.  I didn’t go back after this to see them as I didn’t want to leave a scent trail for my dogs & cats to follow later.  I hope that most of the baby ducks made it and are traveling safely south now.

blog2015.11.06 ph01

blog2015.11.06 ph02

blog2015.11.06 ph03

The first photo is the tree that the nest is beside.  You can’t even tell that there would be a nest there!  When you’re walking by a slough, even 30′ away, keep an eye on the ground for nests.  I love the colour of duck eggs. A beautiful green-gray.

I hope these photos let you remember a hot sunny day, especially now when the cold wind is blowing and the first snow flakes are falling.

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