#TBT: Feathers, Folkfest, and Friends

#ThrowBackThursday – I found this post in my drafts, not published! Today, a peek into August 23rd 2011! I was under 40, my daughter was not a teenager, and it was almost one year of living here on the farm.


I had a great visit with Thriftygirl.  There was quite a bit of crafting going on. Mostly crochet, with a bit of knitting thrown in.  I didn’t do much beadwork, but I find that I do that when I’m alone.  I don’t do beadwork very often around my partner or my kids.  I guess I need to zen and only hear my internal dialogue.

blog2011.08.22 photo011

Chaison and I blogging on August 17th. Photo by Thriftygirl!

We went Folkfesting the day we brought Thriftygirl and her son home.  I ❤ Folkfest!  The kids and I have so much fun at all the different pavillions.

blog2011.08.22 photo016

(almost) matching henna tattoo’s from the Bangledeshi Pavillion

We ate supper at the Karpaty Ukrainian Pavillion, nomnom perogies!  My daughter and I got a henna tattoo on our left hands.

blog2011.08.22 photo013

Irish Pavillion

blog2011.08.22 photo014

Scottish Pavillion







We had a bit of fun at the different pavillions!


blog2011.08.22 photo018

China Pavillion


I didn’t get an Indian jewelry as I got distracted by something else, but there is always next year!  I’ll hopefully have more money set aside and get a complete outfit as well.

I’ve been busy creating some earrings from the last of the woodpecker feathers.  I found some yellow and black feathers under the willow tree, and have made four pairs of earrings with those today.  Perhaps I’ll get a photo posted tomorrow of those ones.  They will all be available at the Shellbrook Street Fair this Saturday, then I will be putting them into the shop.  Enjoy your sneak peek!

blog2011.08.22 photo001  blog2011.08.22 photo006  blog2011.08.22 photo007  blog2011.08.22 photo010

The garden peas are pretty much all done, shelled, and frozen.  I have beans, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, potatoes, and some zuccini growing still.  I may yet get some cucumbers and pumpkins, but I don’t see them yet.  I may have planted them to late.  The raspberries are pretty much all done as well.  The chokecherries are turning black and I think I’ll be picking them this Sunday or Monday.  The kids are starting school on Monday, so harvesting the chokecherries will be a quiet, relaxing adventure.



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2 Responses to #TBT: Feathers, Folkfest, and Friends

  1. Molly Nichol says:

    fun to read about bygone days!

    btw, i have some rug yarn and a bit of the background mesh stuff for you when next you visit our fair city!


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