Men’s Skull Beanie Ta Da

Skull Beanie 01c

After I made the Sugar Skull Beanie, I made this toque.  I had some great flame coloured yarn that I used for behind the skulls.  I tried something new with this beanie. It is difficult to get a good stretchy hem when you are working from the bottom {hem} up to the crown.  Usually you would crochet a strip then turn your work, or just make a larger hem.  I, however, like to have a bit of tightness so that the hat definitely stays on during a cold winter day.  If it is to loose it will shift around and you have to fiddle with it constantly.  Not something you want to do while trying to keep warm with windchill.  What I did is use loom bracelet elastics to create the stretch!  Using this free pattern for a bracelet I made the hem then worked up from there. 🙂  It makes a bit of a scalloped border, but my husband didn’t mind, and he’s a manly man.

He’s keeping this one, but you can order one for yourself in my Etsy Shop!

Men's Skull Beanie

Men's Skull Beanie

{This particular hat pattern won’t be up for sale, as the skulls are Spider Mambo’s design}

The count is now 104 out of 301

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