puppy love

October 24 2015

our puppies are growing up fast.  Scout is bigger than Paladin now, but still has some growing to do.  She’s approximately 5 months old.  He’s 7 months old now.

October 24 2015

Paladin loves Jake, and likes to cuddle and be silly on the couch with him.  I love his smile! His lips fall back and show his front teeth when he lies on his back, he was not growly or upset at all – promise.

October 24 2015

Scout adores the chickens, and would love them – to death – if she could.

October 24 2015

Isn’t Scout so pretty?  She loves to cuddle.  Both have good, loud, strong barks, & are pretty protective of the farm.  They are happy to be with us, as much as we’re happy to have them. 🙂

October 24 2015

The puppies both love Walker, who is extremely tolerant of them.  He lets them nibble him, his ears, put his leg in their mouths.  He doesn’t look to happy here, but he was purring and relaxed the whole time.  I don’t think he likes it when they squish him on the couch though, lol.

October 24 2015

This photo was taken in the beginning of September. She was about to nibble his ear.  Look how much she has grown!

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One Response to puppy love

  1. asliceofsuzi says:

    So cute. Our cats and dogs cuddle and play together too.


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