7 Hats … I didn’t forget!

I’m a lot behind my self-challenge to make a hat a day.  I obviously am not able to do that.  Disappointing, but that’s how it is.

I’m playing catch up, and I have made a ton of hats.  Today I will share with you some of what I’ve made since my last 7 Hats post.

My Sweet Potato 3 is hosting a Cancer Challenge 2015 for Makers to crochet hats for cancer patients and donate them.

The first one I have a made is this cute one – Cancer Challange – designed specifically for this challenge.  The challenge fits right in with my own 7 Hats challenge. 🙂




Made with Caron SS in teal, and LionBrand Homespun in a teal/blue colour.  So pretty and soft!  Vintage button in a mulberry colour.

This hat will be donated!  I will make a listing in my Etsy shop so you can custom order your own soon.  Ravelry project here – please give it a ❤

I also made a bunch of Billie Slouches as tests for my pattern.  All of these will be available in my Etsy Shop.  The Billie Slouch pattern is available in my Ravelry Shop.

Pretty As A Princess Billie Slouch




I used baby blue & pink yarn and a selection of pastel ribbons and lace.  This one is child size, and would be super adorable on a lucky little girl.

Woodland Billie Slouch





I used cream & a cream/brown nubby yarn.  I laced leather rather than tie on a ribbons for a masculine look.  Finished with an old coat button in the shape of a tusk and two grouse feathers from my husbands hunting trip this fall.

Autumn Splendor Billie Slouch





Cream & multicoloured german yarn were fun to pair.  Lots of colours to choose from – so I accented the reds & oranges as I had some great colourful ribbon I could showcase.

 Copper & Teal Billie Slouch






My favorite, and I will list it in the shop for a couple of weeks only.  If it doesn’t sell by the end of October – I will keep it for myself!! Love the teal & sock yarn in browns and oranges with a metallic copper strand.  I used some one of a kind ribbons and a great copper button on the hat.  Also I love the golden tassels that I used. So luxurious!

Doctor Who Tardis Slouch

a P9170020

I made one of these for an order, but still available in my shop!  Pattern by MistyMakes1

Girly Style Hat




A Pierrot pattern, the pattern was hard to understand where they wanted to decrease – so I made up my own.  I am not a fan of the band, as it has zero stretch.  This one will be staying with me, but I will make some for the shop.  It’s a cute hat.

Ravelry project here – please give it a ❤

So that’s 7!!  More to come!  If you liked this post or want to give me encouragement – rate it 5 stars. 🙂

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